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  1. I noticed that iTunes would keep the tracks in order - and when I look at the iTunes storage folder, I see that it does affix the number to the track title. It seems that it would be a natural thing for Toast to build into a Conversion function. After all, most albums are ordered with some aesthetic purpose in mind. Thanks for the response!
  2. When I drag a CD to Toast's "Convert Audio Files" window, I see the files in the order that they will play on the CD. Each track is numbered. When I "Convert", I end up with a batch of files that have lost their order as prescribed by the CD. Who do I maintain the order of the files as found in the original?
  3. DaleH

    Dvd Video Bloats Mp4 Files

    Thanks for the information. My intent is for viewing, not archiving. Here is the background to my question, with a followup question regarding Frame Rate. My only experience so far with DVD Video on Toast has been through saving broadcasts with EyeTV. A 43 minute program (minus commercials) will save out to a Toast recording at about 1.4 GB. I check the specs and that's an MPEG2, 720x480, 29.97 fps Video with MPEG1 stereo 48kHz Audio. I recently downloaded some old half hour TV shows that came in as AVI files, 200MB for 30 minutes or so. Toast does not accept AVI files so I got a translation program called Wondershare Video Converter which is what I originally used to convert the AVI to MPEG 4. Why I chose MPEG-4, I have no idea. I understand what you are telling me about Toast and MPEG-4, so I direct Video Converter to a 28 minute 650MB AVI to MPEG-2. Under Encode Settings I choose MPEG-2. Their defaults are 720x480; Frame Rate 25 fps. (See attached screen capture of settings) I launch the conversion and get a file 700 MB. When I drop this onto Toast, it gives me a 700 MB file, which is what I am looking for. I can fit 6 episodes on one DVD. My follow up question concerns Frame Rate. The Video Converter Encode Settings shows 25 fps which is not changeable, although at the bottom of their window it lists 30 fps. When I drop the file onto Toast, it still shows 25 fps. Is this a problem? What is the recommended fps rate?
  4. DaleH

    Dvd Video Bloats Mp4 Files

    When I drag MP4 files onto the DVD-Video window for Toast 10 Titanium, the size jumps from 450 MB (original MP4) to 1.68 GB in the Toast window. Why does this happen and how can I burn MP4 video files and conserve space?