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  1. Okay, figured it out. Thanks so much!
  2. Okay, and then what next? I've created a new folder on my desktop, which contains the Video_TS folder from the DVD (which includes the various .vob files). But I'm still not quite sure how, or if, I can burn additional DVDs from those files. steve
  3. Is it possible to burn additional DVD's from a DVD copy of a VW7 production? I accidentally erased the .dmsm copy of the production (whoops!), and now have it only on a burned DVD. I'm using a stand-alone version of VW7 and therefore do not have access to Disc Copier, if that is at all relevant. Thanks, steve
  4. Wondering if there's a way in VW to have a still photo go from large to small to...gone, as if it's disappearing from the screen altogether? Any ideas if this is possible? thanks, steve