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    File Could Not Be Accessed-please Help

    I have a powerbook G4 with a built in DVD burner. I have a huge DVD collection that I like to back up. I go through a two step process. I first rip the DVD's with Mac The Ripper and then burn the DVD's with Popcorn. I've been doing this for a little less than a year and nothing has gone wrong until the day my computer got vandalised. I received certified service from apple computer who informed me that everything was fixed. After I received my computer from apple is when I started to get these errors. When I start the burning process is when I start to get the problems. 3/4 the way through burning/writing the disc is when the errors pops up and informs me that it can't access the files. The error that I receive is as follows: "The File "VTS_02__2.VOB" Could not be accessed. (Data Fork, -36)" After I click ok, I get another error: "couldn't operate the last command because there was an I/O error (your disc may be copy protected) Result code=-36" It's always the same error and the same file no matter what movie is being recorded. After this error occurs, the dvd in my drive will not eject until I restart my computer. I brought it back to apple to inform them of the problem and they insisted that it has nothing to do with my DVD burner and that it's a software issue. I have updated popcorn to the current version and even reinstalled Popcorn. If there is anymore information someone needs in order to answer my question please let me know, I'll be checking in frequently until this issue is resolved.