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    16 or 24 bit?

    I have the Roxio Creator 9 Home that I am using to put some LP's on to my computer but it will only record in 16 bit. I have a 24 bit soundcard. Does the 2010 do 24 bit recording/modification/conversion for audio? TIA
  2. Nightmare

    No Picture When Playing Dvds

    BINGO! on the video acceleration. Problem solved in CinePlayer but still the same problem with WMP which I really don't care about as I only use WMP for my music. Thanks so much for all the assistance. I am once again reminded of just how small and tiny a problem can be to cause such a headache. This place and the Guru's here (as well as everyone else that tries to help) rocks !
  3. Nightmare

    No Picture When Playing Dvds

    Its a blockbustre DVD that I rented and not something that I made. Did try a repair with no success so I uninstalled the entire package and re-installed it. No change. DVD is just fine. Works on my Dell computer and my regular DVD player. Tried two DVDs with the same results. The Bucket List and Weeds. Both give no picture using CinePlayer but sound is great. And when using Windows Media Player, the sound is gone but the picture plays at very fast speed and I can not sync it to run properly in WMP. DVD/CD player in the computer works great when I make disk and then play them. Music, video, picture, etc.... Its just regular DVDs that you get at the store that I have problems with. All CODECs are up to date. I'm stumped!
  4. Nightmare

    No Picture When Playing Dvds

    Thought that I gave the information. The DVD player was the embedded Roxio EMC9 player "CinePlayer". I put the DVD into the DVD player. CinePlayer starts. I hit the play button. I hear sound but get no picture. I close the program and come here and hope to get help. Next: I put the DVD into the player. I open Windows Media Player to play the DVD. The DVD starts to play at about 10x times normal speed and I can not slow it down. I hear no sound. I close the program and come here and hope to get help. ???
  5. I have the Roxio Creater 9 Home edition. When I put a DVD (Original) into the DVD player, I get the options to play the DVD but when I hit the play button, I get only the sound and no picture. I have checked the settings and I am unable to correct the problem. On a related subject, when I use WMP to play the DVD, the picture comes up but at like 10X speed and I can not slow it down, but there is no sound. Any way to fix this? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the update on the information about this forum and for your help. When it happens again, I will post to keep this thread up to date.
  7. Except for the suspected memory bleed, yes. NOT opening IE will not cause the program to crash. Don't know or care about Firefox or Opera, because I don't use them. IE7 is the version. Kind of hard not to open IE7 when the Roxio software does a search to TAG the tracks. Kind of self-defeating for the TAGs function. It is my understanding that this forum is to report problems, no matter what the problems are. And not to be facetious, that is what I did. Steve
  8. Also crashes with the use of Sound Editor
  9. Apparently it seems to be in the Delux version only. Just means that I will have to edit to add the 'track number' as the first listing in the HDD file ( 01 - YaDa YaDa YaDa...). That way I can keep the digital music in the same order as the LP. This should be fixed by Roxio for us 'basic' users. Thanks for your help. Steve
  10. I do not have that option. The only options that I have are <Albun>, <Artist>, <Genre>, <Title>, and <Year>. There is no option in the ECD9 for <TrackNr>. I am using: Roxio Creator 9 Home Version: 9.0.088 Build: 900B88F, R03 Serial Number: (deleted to prevent piracy) Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: PX Engine Build: 3.6.39b, 0 Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 Module Name: Roxio Core Version: 3.3.0 Build: 3.30.45a, R9S Copyright: Sonic Solutions 2006 All files are up to date according to the Roxio Site.
  11. No. Recording LP's through a turntable and amplifier through my soundcard onto my HDD.
  12. I have tried to save the files (export) them to the correct folder but it seems that I am unable to save the file using the track number as an option. It saves them using either the Album Name or the Title (Track) name vut not the track number. It is important to me to be able to save by the Track Number because I want to keep the save music aligned with the LP and no by Title name. Is there a way to force the option to save by the track number that I do not know about? BTW, I now have the official ECD9 and not the "trial" version anymore. There are some changes in the way that the software handles some of the files. Thanks Steve
  13. Title says it all. The system will either hang then crash or just crash.
  14. I just got the trial version of EMC9 (expecting my hard disk tomorrow) and I have been transfering some analog (Vinal LP's) to digital format and it seems to be quite a long process. As I understand it, you first have to use the LP and Tape Assistant for this process. STEP 1 Open LP and Tape Assistant. Make sure that your equipment is hooked up right (mine is record player through amplifier to Creative Aidugy SE sound card - line in) Either use the AUTO adjust or adjust audio input manually while running the LP to make sure that there is no over-modulation occuring. Start the LP and then start the RECORD option. Record the entire side of the LP then PAUSE and turn the LP over and then RECORD side 2, or just turn the LP over while still recording (deleting out the flop later) in step 2 Stop recording the LP when done. STEP 2 Edit the digital music that was just recorded by adjusting the TRACK start and stop, editing out noises, etc, etc... TAG the music tracks and add the album information. STEP 3 (Now this is the time consuming part) This is where you CLEAN, ATTENUATE and EQUALIZE the music. For me, the only thing that I do is to CLEAN the CLICKS, POPS, etc from the digital recordings but it requires that I play the entire DIGITAL TRACK again (unless there is a shortcut that I have not found yet). Verify that everything is OK then SAVE in the FORMAT that you desire. I have over 800 LPs that I need to run this process on. If I have to play the album twice (once for recording and once for cleaning), that is an average of 1.5 to 2 hours per album. This is gonna equate to somewhere between 1,200 to 1,600 hours just to do these two steps (recording the album and then the clean process). And this is just a 'quick' clean and not much more. Am I required to play the entire digital track to clean it or is there a shortcut that can be used? Thanks Steve