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    Codec must be Activated

    Received the following message "codec must be activated before using the application MPEG-2" Clicked to activate and then received "No permission - Bad installation"
  2. Everything worked fine and then I started having problems with trying to burn a DVD. Tried many suggestions and finally made a clean install as per instructions. When I tried to start the program I received the messsage "Certificate file is missing or has been corrupted". I am working on a 64bit Vista Home Premium and have Easy Media Creator 9. Thank you for any help that you can give me.
  3. pburg

    Editing Chapters In Mydvd9

    THANK YOU for pointing me in the right direction. Followed the link you suggested and found that I was able to make the cuts in the timeline. I had been trying to do this with the Chapters in MyDVD.
  4. pburg

    Editing Chapters In Mydvd9

    1. Start of Movie is locked. Can this be unlocked? 2. When editing movie and adding chapters I removed the chapters displaying parts that I wanted to eliminate. When playing the chapter before the removed part it is still there. Need help to remove unwanted sections of a movie.