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  1. Gundark

    make disc image and open on another computer

    I assume you are running windows on that system, and not a hacked version of OS X, right? If it is a hacked version, I would assume it would run just like OS X on anything else, but I have zero experience with it. If it is running windows, you might have a hard time opening image files that were created on a macintosh. You may want to double check some freeware forums to see if anyone knows of any good windows applications that will open various types of macintosh disc image files.
  2. Gundark

    Toast 9 / Itunes Conflict?

    I have used it quite a bit without any difficulty. You might want to make sure you have downloaded and are running the latest update though, the original 9.0 version was a little crashy.
  3. Gundark

    Burning Dvd From Non-tivo Dvr Source

    Toast doesn't have the capability to transfer the shows from non-TiVo DVRs, however if you have any way to transfer the file to your computer, its is likely that Toast will be able to burn that file to a DVD.
  4. Gundark

    Spin Doctor: Any Support Anywhere!?!

    I use spin doctor myself and haven't had as many problems as you are describing. As far as what spin doctor can record, that is completely controlled by the sound system preferences. Also, when the tracks have been separated out, don't just save the file, but use the export to Toast or iTunes and it should export the tracks listed in the table at the bottom portion of the window.
  5. Gundark

    Subtitles Problem

    This sounds like you are copying commercial DVD's which roxio wont let us discuss on this forum. If that is the case though, I suspect that it is your DVD ripping application that is stripping the subtitles.
  6. Gundark

    Burning Mac And Pc

    Yes, the Mac and PC format does support custom icon arrangement. Setup a folder the way you want it with the name of the folder being the name of the disc you want to burn. Add that folder into Toast and the icons should stay arranged the same way they are in the folder on your hard drive.
  7. Out of curiosity, does this issue happen to people on the original installation of roxio or does it only happen on a reinstallation?
  8. I loved D2D as well until I lost some data that was worth several hundred hours of work to me. I cant even put a monetary figure on it. You better make sure you have backup copies of all that data.
  9. Yes, one of the new advantages of EMC 10 is that you cant loose all of the data you wrote to a D2D disc because they dont allow you to write to those discs anymore.
  10. Gundark

    Wait for EMC 9.1?

    I am sure you will be able to find 10 for less then $100. I have had complaints about their upgrade prices in the past, but you can always find a deal somewhere. I think its best to try the 9.1 update when it comes out and if it works for you. Then make the decision as to whether or not to upgrade to 10.