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    Photo Dvd?

    And these DVDs can be played on a settop DVD player? Cdanteek, nothing in your response tells if they can be burned to DVD. It does mention mobile phones, but not what I'm interested in. Thanks for your your quick response guys. -Tom
  2. Xylem

    Photo Dvd?

    I have EMC9 and am thinking of upgrading to 2009. However, I see no mention in the literature about a program for creating photo Slideshows with music and burning them to DVD. Does it have such a program?
  3. Xylem

    Rx Label Creator 9

    Yes, I tried your method d_dewey. It does work. The interesting result ( unless I have really botched this up) is this: For 'H' : Smaller values (including increasingly negative numbers) move the image Left and larger values move the image to the Right, as would be expected. However, For 'V' : Smaller values (including increasing negative again) move the image UP !!?? and larger values move the image down. This is in contravention of normal mathematical practise, where the x axis increases from left to right and the y axis increases from bottom to top. Hence my confusion I guess. Odd thing for Roxio to do. Thanks to both of you for your help. -Tom
  4. Xylem

    Rx Label Creator 9

    Well, thanks Brendon. The printer manual does not address the problem. I 'calibrated' the Roxio label program using plain paper. It showed the printer to be dead on. However, the roxio program apparently does not correctly recognize the Neato labels even though those labels were selected in the set-up. The resulting image printed 1/2 an inch off center! Hence I was reduced to trying to adjust the settings with the 'preferences' function. The 'help' files associated with the 'preferences' function says things like "V (vertical): Specifies how far to shift the photo or project vertically." A not very helpful tautology. I tried numerous times without success. I just thought it would be helpful if someone knew how the Roxio program worked. However, your suggestion to use plain paper, instead of labels, might work by holding the result up to a light with a label sheet behind it. It still will waste paper and lots of ink. The Roxio help file could be clearer. But, I'll give it a try. Thanks again.
  5. Xylem

    Rx Label Creator 9

    Can someone tell me with certainty how to adjust the print image for a label. Specifically, in 'Print' > 'Preferences > Fine Tuning,' which way does the image move with positive and negative adjustments. For example on Horizontal does a '-' (minus) value move the image to the left? For a Vertical adjsutment does a '-' (minus) value move the image UP or does it move it DOWN? Furthermore, What does "overprint/bleeding" mean? If the image is larger or smaller than the prescribed place on the label form can this be used to expand or contract the image? How? Just tired of ruining expensive labels..... Thanks, -Tom
  6. Xylem

    Confused About Wma, Mp3 And Jukebox

    Thanks for the tip. Now if I can just figure out why the wma files don't play.......
  7. Hi, I tried to make a Jukebox CD (EMC9) from a WMP playlist. It included wma and mp3 files. When I tried to play the disc (on two Set-top DVD players (both of which say they support mp3 and wma), only they mp3 files would play. All files play on the computer. I then tried burning the same playlist using 'Music Disc Creator.' It created a disc which played successfully on the set-tops. However, it converted all the files to mp3. Why did it do that? And why would the wma files recorded with Roxio not play? Thanks for any insight...
  8. Xylem

    How to play a "real" DVD

    Also, from, the Windows 'Start' menu you should be able to select 'Programs' > 'Roxio EMC9' > 'MyMedia' > 'Cineplayer.'
  9. Xylem

    A Simple Slide Show

    I have been seeking to resolve this for some time; In Slideshow Assistant, what is the purpose of selecting "Video CD High Resolution?" This btw is a distortion of the term 'Hi Rez;' the highest rez you can get when you get to MyDVD is 352 x 240 if you select VCD as the disc format. If, however, you select DVD as the format (in the MyDVD or MyDVD Express screen), you can then choose High Quality from the box on the lower right and/or , from the list on the left of the pane, select "Project Setting" and then High Quality and 720 x 480 resolution. These are the highest settings you can get in this program (please correct me if I'm wrong) and it doesn't matter whether you have transitions or not. I have been trying for weeks to get photos with better resolution on the tv screen but it can't be done; with or without choosing VCD HiRez, and with or without transitions, special effects, gradient fill etc. Please tell me - what is gained by declining to use transitions? How do transitions effect resolution? And what does the program mean when it says of VCD HiRez: "see your photos at twice the normal resolution?" What is 'normal' resolution? Is there something I'm overlooking?
  10. Xylem

    Trojan Horse Agent.KZA ?

    I got the file here: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...ost&p=70703 I see now that the file is about a year old. I D/L'd it but had not installed it; don't even know if it's necessary. It's curious that it would prompt an alert, though. Thanks...
  11. Xylem

    Trojan Horse Agent.KZA ?

    My AV scan (AVG) has just returned a threat alert and quaranteened a file I downloaded from this site. The winzip file "liveshare fix" has been identified as Trojan Horse Agent.KZA ; said to be a high level threat. Does anyone know anything about this? Hopefully a false psoitive...... Thanks
  12. Xylem

    Importing Music CDs

    Ok. I didn't mean to be argumentative anyway; just thought there ought to be something on this board in case somebody else tries searching for 'ripping.' (as I did). cheers
  13. Xylem

    Importing Music CDs

    I would like to weigh in on the topic of ripping here. The OP, in another thread, was seeking to rip music and was told by a Digital Guru "Roxio chose not to include [a program] to keep the price down." I think this may not be absolutley true. Since neither the 'manual' nor the 'help' files even contain the word "ripping" I spent hours trying to find a way to get music from CD's. Because others may also have this problem I would like to point out the solution I found (in EMC9); Go Home> Audio> Convert CDs> Options> Audio> Conversion type. Here you can make a selection of MP3, WAV, WMV or others. Click OK. Then; choose a drive and insert the CD. All the selections are checked; uncheck the ones you don't want to rip (or use the 'check all', or 'uncheck all' choices at bottom). Rip the selected files. A caveat: you can't listen to, or preview, the audio file before ripping. And I found that some files were not properly ripped (even from the same disc) and could not be used in other Roxio pgms like VideoWave. I actually went back to Windows Media Player, which seemed to do a better job. I thought this might be useful information. Cheers, -Tom
  14. Xylem

    Slide Show Question

    looks like a video card is the least of your problems LOL. RE: the jerky motion situation; since you have ATi and get this motion, perhaps the card is not to blame. Will need to think about it more.
  15. Xylem

    Slide Show Question

    Do you have the same version of EMC on both computers? I surmise that you think it has something to do with the video card, whereas Rachel and I suspect the transitions themselves. What graphics card are you using, Rachel?