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    What changed my Region code?

    No, can't be that. No-one else has physical access to the PC. I'll go have a rummage in Vista's innards. Thanks for the tip.
  2. I've been playing Region 2 DVDs on my PC, using both Windows Media Center and Roxio CinePlayer, for a long time now. Yesterday I played a Region 0 DVD. This played OK, but when I then tried to play a Region 2 DVD (a disc I've played several times before, with no problems), both CinePlayer and Media Center told me its Region was incompatible with my DVD player. CinePlayer let me re-set the player to Region 2 (it had been changed to Region 1) but warned me I could make only 4 more changes before the Region would be set permanently. My questions are: 1. Is it possible that playing a Region 0 DVD can have changed my Region setting? It seems unlikely to me, but I certainly didn't change it manually. 2. Is there any way I can ensure that Region 2 is now set as my permanent default? I now live in fear of the 4th and final change being another unauthorised change to Region 1.