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    16X9 Menus Not Working In Letterbox Viewing

    The problem with iDVD is that it doesn't except VOB files. I like control over my encoding. Toast is good for simple DVDs..I use iDVD for when I want fancy menus with motion, and then use DVD Remake on a pc to combine the two. BG music is a simple add on the authoring side...much more difficult on the post side. It would be simple for Roxio to implement, but they never have. Sadly, there's not (to my knowledge) a nice DVD authoring program that combines the simpleness of Toast with the option for more advanced features. There's some that let you do music, but the menus are garbage...Toast's ability to make your menus with photoshop is a big plus. On the topic, stretching a 4:3 menu into a 16:9 won't work--or at least won't look good. I wonder if there's a different way to fake it.
  2. scav2000

    16X9 Menus Not Working In Letterbox Viewing

    But I'm trying to use 16:9,so that the DVD's are still good when I move to a widescreen. I'm playing around with MyDVD Edit to see if I can fix something. Edit: Well it's clear that the subpicture is staying the original size, rather than being shrunk for letterboxing.. Not sure if I can figure out a way to code around that. That this has been a problem since Toast 10 is very discouraging. As a DVD authoring program, you'd think Roxio would make sure it could, you know..author DVDs correctly...or course, I've been wondering why they don't allow for background music in menus since Toast 7.
  3. So I recently upgraded, and I'm trying out the 16x9 menus. I have a regular tv, 4:3, so my DVD player is set to letterbox widescreen. (4:3 Letterbox) I'm finding while the menu pages render correctly, the submenus, the "button selection glow" for the buttons are in the wrong place...above..below..to the side.. I've tested on two dvd players and it's the same on both. (similar problems if the DVD players are set to 4:3 pan and scan) Is this a known bug? Is it there a setting I don't know about? Is there a fix?
  4. scav2000

    Audio Cd - Tracks Distorted

    I'm attempting to make an audio cd. the music gets distorted..staticy ...like a broken speaker...when I play it in preview or make the disc. The source files play find in Quicktime Player, MPlayer, iTunes... The source originally is an .ac3...I have conversion of it into .aiff and mp3...both give the same problems in Toast. Also have the same problem if I send the aiff to Toast thru Spin Doctor. I'm on a MBP. running 10.4.11. Toast is 8.0.1 (just noticed there's an update avail--I'll try that, but I doubt that'll fix....I tested this with toast 7 and have the same issues. Anyone got any thoughts? EDIT: .... ok...I did the 8.0.4 update and that seems to have cleared it...You mean this was a problem that lasted from version 7 thru 8?
  5. scav2000

    What Is Video_ts Compilation?

    A PC side program called DVDRemake has the ability to take 2 dvds, and merge them into one, with their menus becoming sub-menus to a main one. I was hoping Toast had added this functionality.
  6. scav2000

    What Is Video_ts Compilation?

    It says you can combine VIDEO_TS folders. So say I have 2 concert dvds. Each has it's own menu. Can I drag the VIDEO_TS's into toast, and get out a single DVD that miantains the menus of the singles? Is there a master menu to access them?
  7. scav2000

    Slow Multiplexing In Toast 9

    I've been experimenting with Eye TV's export to Toast option (with 7 and 8). I've found a MPEG2 file, I encoded at the highest quality, (3.2 gigs for 90 minutes) with 18 chapter markers, takes 80 minutes to multiplex and the write to disk image on my MacBook Pro (on my G5, it took a few hours :blink: ) The same video, exported to a file, then brought into Toast (so it no longer has the eye tv chapters, and instead gets Toast's default 5 minute chapters) multiplexed and wrote in about 5-10 minutes--the standard time I'd expect (only tested on the MBP). Another EyeTV video, only 30 minutes long, regular quality, and with only 6 chapter markings, has no noticible difference done in either of the two methods. I don't know if this is an issue because of the quality, the # of markers, or the length, and whether the issue is on the eye tv or toast side, but it's a few additional data bits for you
  8. scav2000

    Adding Music To Menus

    My question is, why not? It's an obvious enhancement, and I wouldn't think it would be that difficult to implement (though, comparing the VTS structures of a toast dvd vs an iDVD one, I could be mistaken). Is it that there's no way to add the feature to the authoring engine Roxio uses, or is it just something that hasn't been bothered with?
  9. scav2000

    Creating Iso Images

    Are you sure on that? .toast and .iso are the same? I was 90% sure they weren't. (you're the expert though)
  10. scav2000

    Titling Chapter/scene Menus

    Anyone know a way to add titles/words to the Scene menus for DVDS?
  11. scav2000

    Importing into DiscCatalogMaker?

    I've been using Disk Tracker for years. DiscCatalogMaker seems similar, but more up to date...has anyone found a way (or is there) to import (say thru a tab delineated file) into the DiscCatalogMaker?
  12. scav2000

    8 Renencodes vobs that 7 doesn't! Why?

    I have an EyeTV...the original...what would become known as EyeTV USB. It does Mpeg-1 only. My current project is encoding some video tapes I've had lying around, so I'm using ETVs high quality setting, which does a higher bitrate mpeg-1, than run them thru Visual Hub to vob them. Toast 7 just mulitplexes them and makes the DVD....It seems to give me a better quality and a quicker DVD then letting Toast encode it. I suppose I should check quality of Toast 8, but it seems to have a need to make things only fit in DVD sizes, whereas I need it to make the DVD image any size, and I'll worry about files size later.
  13. scav2000

    No DVD Chapters sometimes!

    Usualy VOBS work fine, and get chapterized...every so often this happens...I've had it happen in the past when i let Toast do the encoding of mpeg files for me.....I had thought it might happen when there was mixed frame rate files (NTSC and PAL) on the same disc, but that's not the case here. I thought it might be due to a different version of Visual Hub being used for the encode, but I tried it out (in the Toast 8 problem thread I'm in ) and the chapters worked fine there. I'm re-encoding the file with the older VisualHub while I'm at work, and I'll try it again when I get home.
  14. scav2000

    8 Renencodes vobs that 7 doesn't! Why?

    I think I tried that...but I can't recall-I'l try again (BTW, whenver I got a probem in Toast, you're there to answer the questions, you just rock!) EDIT: First attempt (with new files) and it works as you say! YAY!!!! I'll have to try again 2nite with the original files! EDIT2: Nope For a group of files, all from the same original (eye tv) source, all encoded by Visual Hub to vobs, it'l be fine for the first few, then start trying to encode, ignoring the Do no Re-encode command. I thought it might a disc size issue....I'll rip to .toast a disc too big for a dvd, then squeeze it down. But this was smaller than a full DVD would be, and i also tried it with DoubleDVD setting, and had the same result.
  15. scav2000

    No DVD Chapters sometimes!

    Ok, so I have 2 identical VOB files...both made with Visual Hub, identical stats, other than time.... Put into DVD-Video. One gets chapterized...one doesn't. Anyway to force the issue?