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  1. I have a Dell desktop with Windwo Vista preinstalled EMC 9 DE. I have done clean unintall/reinstall more than 20 times with different results. Here I found the following link work for me: http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=25934 Please take note that the instruction is for Window XP. After going through many failed attempt, I formulated my own way. I followed the same way except the followings: I didn't download, install and run Abexo Registry Cleaner. I also didn't creat new user Account to reinstall EMC9 When downloading EMC9, choose "Custom". Don't download "drag-to -disc"(so uncheck it) Also you need to disable the anti-virus software before installing You may have to run this PX engine patch in order for Roxio sees your DVD or CD burner. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?showtopic=4194 In case your MyDVD is missing after installing EMC9, use System Restore to reverse back to that date you've last seen it and try to do clean uninstal/reinstal again. Hope this will work for you, good luck!
  2. There are 5 different softwares listed in that web site (AC3 Filter, AC3 File, Winamp AC3, AC3 Filter tools & Audition plugin). Which one to choose to make my EMC9-MyDVD able to read AC3 audio file?
  3. Lai

    Poor VCD quality

    Thanks James & Mikiem, I take your advice. I tried my own experience. I have 2 same sources of file: One is photo file (JPEG) from my Sony camera (5.1 mega pixel) Another one is video file (VOB + IFO) form my Sony Handycam DVD-RW (0.9 mega pixel) The photo file I copied directly from card reader and stored it into my hard disc. The video file I copied it using Sony Picture Package software and converted it into MPEG2 file and stored it into my hard disc. I used 2 different video editing software. First, I used EMC 9 MyDVD videovawe and created video file (for photo & video) by using the following settings: PAL, MPEG-1 for video CD Video-Roxio MPEG-1, Video Encoder, 352X288, 25 fps,1.15mbs Audio-Roxio MPEG-1, Audio Encoder, Stereo 44.10kHz, 16 bit, 224kbs Then I used Ulead Video Studio 10 to create video file (for photo & video) from same source of file by using the following settings: 24bits, 352X288, 25fps, Frame-based, (Video CD PAL), 4.3 I compared all the movie clips I have created by playing them using WMP11. I noticed the movie clips created by Ulead Video Studio looked good, but the one created by EMC the image looked jerky every 2 seconds. I went back again to MyDVD videowave, this time I changed to "Generic MPEG-1, normal quality" and created the movie clip again, but the image still looked jerky. I tried the 3rd time, this time I changed it to "Generic AVI" and the image looked good, there was no more jerky image. It seems that EMC9 is not so good in creating a VCD file (by the way, I couldn't select the DVD quality mode as the key was not there, missing? Was it supposed to be there?)
  4. Lai

    Poor VCD quality

    James, I have tried your method but my VCD quality still looks poor. I keep my old video files (mpeg1) in portable hard disc. I just wonder why if I play this video with WMP10, it looks OK. And when I burn it into VCD using my old PC with Window XP - Sonic MyDVD, it also looks OK, but when I burn it into VCD using Window Vista-Roxio MyDVD, the is a some lost in quality(?) But when I burn it into DVD with Roxio MyDVD, again the image looks OK. I think I will save my future video file in mpeg2. Thanks for your advice. Is the quality of AVI same with mpeg2? Any advantage in using AVI code? (A gallon of gasoline here costs US$2. But see this, an average worker here earn about US$350-700 per month. I spend 40c for a cup of coffee, 70c for a hamburger and 35c for a daily newspaper.)
  5. Lai

    Poor VCD quality

    At one stage, MyDVD failed to launched. I got the following suggestion from Roxio Technical Support agent: "The following driver update may be helpful: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.../common-vista32 In MyDVD or Videowave, click on tools, options and check what render mode you are using. If it's set to hardware try the software mode and if it's set to hardware please try software." I have tried to changed back to "rendering using hardware" and burned my VCD, but the image quality was still poor. I have done many video editing (video from Sony DVD videocam) using 3rd party software and burned it into VCD for my relatives, friends and colleagues for free. As each of the video file just took up 30-50MB space, therefore it is cheaper to use VCD (in my country Malaysia, one CD-R costs about US20c, and one DVD-R costs about US$2). I am not sure whether by changing the setting in the ATI Catalyst Control Centre or DirectX 10, the image quality will improve.
  6. Lai

    Poor VCD quality

    I just bought my new Dell inspiron 530S preinstalled with EMC 9 (OEM version) one month ago. I had done more than 20 times clean unintalled/reinstalled with activation and only managed to get it run properly recently. My problem is when I burned my old video file into VCD, the image looked grainy and jerky, and the quality of image was poor. I have burned the similar video file into VCD with my old PC with Window XP Home edition preinstalled with Sonic, the image quality looked great, both in PC and TV. But if I burned it into DVD, the image looked fine. Any suggestion? My parameters: System-Window Vista 32bit (1024X768) (75Hz) Processor-Intel Core 2 Processor E4400(2.0GHz, 2MB L2 Cache,800MHz FSB) Memory-2GB NECC Dual Channel DDR2 667MHz SDRAM Memory Video card- 256MB PCleX16 ATI Radeon X1300 Pro w/TV-Out, VGA and DVI Graphic adapter-1.256MB ATI Radeon X1300 PRO (Dell E228WFP) Sound card-Integrated Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED HD Audio DirectX version 10 ( Direct Draw Acceleration, Direct 3D Acceleration & AGP Texture Acceleration enabled) Driver- 16X DVD+/-RW with Dual Layer Write Capabilities Source of video files: Format-MPEG1, PAL Size-ranging 30-50MB Output format: VCD -used default settings (no selection available) -Disc CD-RW 4-12x 700MB 80min -rendering with "software" DVD -used "high quality" -Disc DVD-RW 1-2x 4.7GB 120min -rendering with "software"
  7. Bruce, I had tried that link but it didn't work for me. I just remember that I forgot to do one thing after the installation. I went back to "start"->"msconfig"->enable all button again in "services" & "startup". And now I have successfully burned my CD&VCD. I will try out other functions as well when I am free. Thanks, Bruce.
  8. I got it from: Roxio comm>EMCP>EMC9>Window Vista, newly posted by one user. I think I might have misinterpreted it wrongly, sorry! Since the last "successful" intallation, I haven't tried it out till 2 days back, when I tried to burn my audio file, the programme failed, showing: " A suitable drive was not detected. Please attach a drive and try again" and when trying to burn my VCD/DVD file, the programme also failed, showing:"RoxWizard Launcher module has stopped working". I had tried clean unintalled/reinstalled twice, still same problem.
  9. Just found the EMC9.1 update here: http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/emc9/software_updates.html but only for Window XP or 2000, not for Vista. Seems I have to wait for another update rectify my problem.
  10. Waiting for the release of EMC9.1 update. Not sure whether it will fix my "internet connection" problem
  11. I bought my new Dell desktop with preistalled EMC9 DE one month ago. I started having problem 2 weeks back when my EMC9 won't launch without internet connection. Hoping to repairing it by unistalled/reistalled several time by using install/uninstall programme, things getting worse, myDVD disappeared. Managed to recovered the file at one point but can't use it as it requires MPEG2 codec activation. Following all instruction to activate but failed. Very frustracting. Thinking to switch to Nero. Till yesterday when I read your post, I printed it out and follow your instruction accurately, I did a clean unistall (which I didn't do it previously), perform clean install and activated it. MAGIC, it works! Thanks God, I love you baby, Thanks "frustrated customer2". The only things that I could not run was the instruction no.10, I was unable to run the PathcApp update. I had been trying many times and waited even up to 30 min, still there was no response. Is this patch important? What will it try to fix? I still can't use my EMC9 without internet connection. After going through all the painful experience, I think I just use my EMC9 with my broadband on all the time, and wait for any future update to solve the issue.
  12. Lai

    MyDVD not there after reinstall

    I have similar problem. I just restored back (under "system restore") to the restore point before I unistalled EMC, and MyDVD reappeared. But I have another problem, I can't use it because the codec (MPEG2) can't be activated. Very frustrating!