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    Problem Burning Blu-Rays

    Several things: Coincidentally I did not use "Fit to disk" but HQ as you suggested. Also, the MTS files in the Stream folder on the disk, are encoded at 720x480 despite my choosing the blu ray options. So I am not sure what the problem is. I did a full reinstall again. If I choose "Export/select as" AVCHD 1920x1080/24p, the file is exported as mp4 with the correct attributes (1920x1080). So, I have the situation where if the project is exported as a file it has the correct attributes, but if sent to MyDVD for Blu-ray authoring it does not. Any suggestions?
  2. Zambuk

    Problem Burning Blu-Rays

    I have Creator 2012 Pro. When I burn a project to Blu-Ray disk, while playing the disk in my DVD player, the menu comes up correctly in 1080p/24, however not only is the content at 480i, it also bounces up and down. Project settings in MyDVD include what you would expect: Project Type: Blu-ray authoring; 16:9; Video: 1920x1080, Progressive; Video format: AVC. The procedure I use worked under Creator 2011 Pro. Also, for Creator 2012 Pro, I did a complete uninstall, reinstall, turned off Norton etc. Any suggestions?
  3. Zambuk

    Roxio Mydvd Hangs

    Thanks for the effort. You were not able to replicate my issues, so that means that I have some issues with my setup that I need to see if I can solve. Once again, thanks.
  4. Zambuk

    Roxio Mydvd Hangs

    Thanks for this option of a workaround, I will bear it in mind in future. But could you please do me the favour of seeing if my Issue #2 (burning straight to the DVD) is replicable as I experienced it? Referring to your first screen capture above, check the "Burn to disc" box and see if you can burn a DVD using the following 2 variations of "Disc Label": 1) a name with a space in it (e.g. My vacations), 2) continuous characters with a name longer than 8 characters (e.g. Myvacationsaregreat). I know your option works in this latter instance through the work around, but I want to see what happens if you go straight to disc. Here is an update with my Issue #1 (change menu style in MyDVD): if I "Change menu style" first and then "Add new movie", there are no problems. Interestingly, it gets more complicated if I "Add new movie" first, then try to "change menu style": if I add one movie, the change menu style takes (say 30 seconds), if I add 2 movies, it takes a lot longer, and then if I add 3 movies it takes even longer. In both of the latter 2 instances, the application gives the "not responding" response and looks like it has hung. But if you wait long enough (??) it does complete the change menu style.
  5. Zambuk

    Roxio Mydvd Hangs

    I solved the problems!! 1) Hanging on 'change menu style". The clean install (both Windows 7 and C2011) seems to be the solution. Clearly this is not for everyone. 2) Hanging on burning the DVD. For me, MyDVD hung and/or fell over at the point the data was sent to the Pioneer BDR-205. This happened even after the clean install of Windows 7 and C2011. The problem arises when naming the disc outside of the 8.3 DOS convention: When you press the "Burn" icon in MyDVD, the Burn Project screen comes up, the default option under Disc Label is "MyDVD", I was changing this to "My vacations" (11 characters+ a space), if I put it to "Vacation" (8 characters), the project burned/completed just fine. This is 2010, can we move past the 8 character limit of DOS?
  6. Zambuk

    Roxio Mydvd Hangs

    Feeling dumb: what is "AV"? In any event I did a complete clean install: uninstalled, ran a registry cleaner, did the reinstall. Problems still exist. After reading your suggestion on "repair", on the clean install, I tried the repair option, but when the app goes through the process it can't find one of the files for the repair so that solution terminates half way through.
  7. I upgraded from C2010 to C2011. Windows 7 x64, 6Gb RAM. Roxio MyDVD (ver 131B66A ENU) hangs in 2 instances: 1) When using the change menu style button. If a project is not loaded, the "change menu style" button works. If a project is loaded, MyDVD hangs when the app tries to apply the changed menu style that was selected. 2) When burning the project. MyDVD goes through all the motions (encoding movie, menus etc) until it gets 97% complete and is about to send the data to the DVD burner, at this point it hits a loop and then eventually falls over. The practical implication of the above is that I can't work in VideoWave, save the project, and then send the project to MyDVD for menus/burning. Any suggestions?
  8. Zambuk

    Capture Audio From Sound Card

    I solved the problem: I uninstalled C2011 and then reinstalled it. That solved the problems. Something must have gone wrong with the original installation.
  9. I have just upgraded from C2010 to C2011. I like C2011 as it seems faster and smoother (Windows 7, 64-bit). My issue is capturing audio from my sound card. As I did with C2010, I am putting sound effects into a production. In order to do so, I am recording them from the internet using Creative's "What you hear" option. Two things happen after I press "Stop" on the Roxio Easy Audio Capture screen and get the "Audio file Successfully captured": 1) the recorded audio is unusable as it has become very wavy (using the review feature in Roxio Easy Audio Capture); then 2) referring to the "What do you want to do now?" options, when I select "Open this file in Sound Editor", and I press "OK", the application hangs. This approach worked with C2010. Any solutions?
  10. Nothing really. However, it appears I may have to uninstall and then reinstall. If I have to go through that process I may as well wait for Win 7, do a clean install on that platform and see if that fixes the problem.
  11. Yes, I do have the downloaded version. Your approach worked, I was able to redirect the installer to find the requisite *.msi files and conclude the repair. Unfortunately the error remains, so I will wait for Oct 22 for Win 7. I had to direct the installer to find the *.msi file for almost every application in the Roxio suite. A little tedious for what appears to be a default function in Roxio. Thanks for your help.
  12. On your advice, I tried that. The repair process is looking for a *.msi file in my temp folder. However, I clean out my temp folder regularly, so its not there and the repair process can't proceed without it. I don't feel like doing an uninstall and then reinstall-I will wait for my Windows 7 to arrive then and reinstall then. Thanks for the response.
  13. I am using Roxio Creator 2010 build 121B93A ENU installed on Vista x64. When editing photos in Photosuite I get an error message after modifying my picture (only doing one at a time) and I press "Save as..." to save: half way through the save process Photosuite falls over and generates the following message: "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library......This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way". I then have to restart Photosuite. Any suggestions?
  14. Zambuk

    VideoWave 10 has stopped working

    Scrap my comment above. MyDVD10 still freezes when loading a previously saved project. So, I am back to square one. I just wish this app would work... I like it
  15. Zambuk

    VideoWave 10 has stopped working

    Yup, that worked for me too. Thanks for this. My issue was that Videowave would not load a previously saved version of a file. The file would "load" then just hang...... I am using Vista x64.