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    Need Insight On Codecs Issue

    Okay, I figured out the work around for all of the buggy issues with EMC9 regarding he codec issues. I made the decision to spend my time learning Adobe Premier Elements as opposed to doing uninstalls and clean installs as I just didn't have an success with doing that. The multitude of time I had already spent didn't justify continuing. Here's what I found though...Premier Elements has a problem conforming VOB extension files as EMC generates. However, almost every machine sold has MSWMM on it which rapidly recognizes the VOB extensions. I took all of my EMC projects and imported them over to MSWMM and then burned them to a file as AVI extensions. Adobe rapidly conforms AVI files so I was off and running. In the end, I was able to spend some time learning my way around Premier Elements and completed a couple of time sensative projects I needed to finish. I also found that the capability of Premier Elements and the control allowed on all aspects of DVD authoring and design was a significant step above EMC. At the list price of $149.00 for Premier Elements 3 bundled with Photoshop 5 I did the math and based on the hours I was spending on EMC, I saved money and most of all time by making the change. I really hope at some point in time Roxio can get this issue figured out as I have seen firsthand other programs load quickly and work great without hangs or bugs.
  2. Imaidiot

    Need Insight On Codecs Issue

    Thanks for the info Paul. I can certainly wait a bit and see what pops up as far as 9.1.. My box version came from Best Buy and it is 9.0 rev B. My guess is they know of a newer version as they have this version on sale now for $49.95. Hopefully a patch or upgrade will solve this, I enjoy the program and can get things done with it fairly quick so that is a real advantage for me. Thanks again for your help and I'll keep my eyes open for the new release. Kirk
  3. Imaidiot

    Need Insight On Codecs Issue

    Bought a new laptop last spring with my new DHD Sony camera to compile college recruiting videos for my son and others on his team. Loaded EMC9 v.9.0 on the laptop and fought for a week with the hardware/software rendering issues and then had to delete Drag to Disk and things seemed to work fine. laptop is runnning Vista Home with 1GB of memory. So being a normal guy, I just had to have a much more powerful desktop as the lags and drops on the laptop were to common to deal with. Got a HP 8120 Quad Core 2.4GHz with 3GB of ram and a decent video card. It's running Vista Home Premium. Tried many times to load my box copy of EMC9 with no success..Followed all of the tips on clean install and such but some of the files listed on the clean install actually didn't show up on my drives..so I'm thinking that it didn't load completely. I also get the "bad install - no permission" screen of death. Could it be that somehow the software is already registered on my laptp and it won't allow a dual registration on my desktop ? I know the program is single license, single machine but do you think this may be the cause ? If so, I will gladly remove it from my laptop to have it operate on the new desktop but don't want to go through that unless I know it will clear up the MPEG-2 activation issue.. Your help is appreciated. PS: I already purchased Adobe Premier Elements but haven't opened it yet as I would really prefer to get this one working as I know my way around it.