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    Photoshow 5

    I, too, have become frustrated and disappointed with PhotoShow5. I, too, want to burn a DVD to view on my TV. I can burn a CD but get the error code'Video export failed' when I try to burn a DVD. My solution: Windows PhotoStory 3. It is a free download but you must buy a Sonics program for about $20 that is made for it to burn a DVD. It doesn't have as many features but you CAN add a voice narrative to each slide. It doesn't have the feature that allows you to add clipart such as speech balloons and other designs but I found out I can made the photo with the clipart I want in PhotoShow 5 and then copy the completed photo to PhotoStory 3. So, I have both applications and can get what I want which includes a DVD that will play on my DVD player conneted to my TV. I am happy now even though I have a dozen 'coasters' from trying to burn a DVD on PhotoShow 5.
  2. BravoHotel

    Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3

    I can't help you with a MAC for with Vista, but, I finally was able to burn a DVD on my PC XP. I've experience all the problems listed by others and have tried just about everything they have. I finally read my Mad Dog Multimedia double layer DVD+/-R+/-RW manual and then downloaded new firmware. Supposedly this chaned the first few bits identifying the booktype. My burner came with a default DVD-ROM booktype. That is supposed towork with everything. I think I changed it to a DVD+R/DL. Not being able to be classified as a Nerd I really don't know. I just know the #$^@ thing worked. I sympathize with all who have spent hours developing the story and then many additional hours trying to burn a DVD just to make a coaster out of the disk. Expensive in time and money. But I finally have mine. Good luck to rest of you. If you'd like additonal info; bg.harp@comcast.net bravohotel
  3. BravoHotel

    Sonic DVD for Photo Story 3

    You are fortunate. I am running XP Pro on a PC and cannot get it to burn either. And - there seems no where to turn. The Photo Story 3 program will produce the cd but the Sonic softwear will not make the DVD. I've used +R, -R and + and - RW of three different brands. It goes through all and starts burning (I think) then ends with the message that it has encountered an error and cannot burn the disk. Very frustrating. I, too, am becoming uneasy and unhappy with Roxio. bravohotel :