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  1. Here is the response I got from Roxio through the trouble ticket I submitted. Frankly it's a little insulting to get such a form response. The suggestions don't even relate to my question. And yes, I do have all the latest updates.

    Try again Roxio. So far I am pleased with the product other then this one issue. There are other glitches too, but this one is the most annoying.

    Anyone with this problem should also submit a trouble ticket through their contact page. This way they will see it coming from multiple users.


    Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support


    Do less on your computer while burning such as copying files or other processor intensive tasks. Also, do not do any file activity that would attempt to modify the underlying source files while preparing the disc or recording it.


    Update your firmware. Check with the manufacturer of your CD/DVD writer and see if they have any updates for it.


    Make sure you have the latest OS X updates.


    Make sure you have the latest Roxio updates.



    Make sure you have the latest Quicktime updates.



    Roxio Technical Support


    Have you tried our online self-service tools? For instant support, please try one of the tools below:

    Roxanne - http://roxio.com/en/support/nh/index.jhtml

    Knowledgebase - http://search.roxio.com/



    Thank you for your comments and we appreciate the feedback



    I received pretty much the same response. Then I followed up and got check for updates to Popcorn with a link to Popcorn 2. No exactly helpful!

  2. Can you try manual conversion in Popcorn 3 and let me know if the resulting file is sent to the iTunes library correctly?


    1) Launch Popcorn 3

    2) Click Player --> Video Files

    3) Drag a TiVo recording from the Media Browser to the project area

    4) Click the Red button at the bottom right, choose your device settings and select iTunes at the destination

    5) Click Export

    OK, I did that...and it went into Itunes, like it should...then trying a Pop It again from Tivo and it just went to the desktop. :(

  3. Are you using the automatic conversion when transferring from TiVo Transfer for Popcorn or are you doing this manually in Pop 3?


    If you launch iTunes manually and try to play that file in iTunes, does it playback correctly?


    I'm using automatic conversion...if I play the file in in Itunes it plays fine.

  4. Hi, I installed Popcorn 3 so that I can transfer my TV shows from my Tivo to my Iphone via Itunes automatically. However, it's not importing the popped file into Itunes. I've selected Iphone output / Standard to Itunes, but instead it's outputting a m4v file to the desktop!



    It goes ahead and transfers the program from Tivo, and automatically pops it over to popcorn when it's finished tranfering it, but then it just converts it to m4v and places the file on the desktop.