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    Encoding Process

    I don't know what version of Toast you're using, but I started another thread in this same forum about slowness I was having a couple of weeks ago. I found that my burning time nearly doubled when I upgraded from 8.0.1 to 8.0.3. The same burn that took 6-7 hours was now taking 10-11 hours. I dumped 8.0.3, went back to 8.0.1 and my times went back to the faster burns. I'm not saying this will work for you, but if you have 8.0.3, I might try find an older version.
  2. jerrygref

    8.0.3 upgrade - Toast now much slower

    Okay, here's the results. Over the past two nights, I burned the exact same two files to disc in both the 8.0.3 update, and then in the restored 8.0.1. In the 8.0.3 version, the project took 10 hours and 53 minutes to finish. In the restored 8.0.1 version, it finished in 6 hours and 48 minutes. (I assume both times do NOT include burn time, but are limited to encoding time based on the last time listed in the Roxio Converted Items folder. I did these two tests overnight, and admit I wasn't in the room to see the files literally finish.) Was this a fair test? I did clear out the Roxio Converted Items folder between tests (in fact, I even burned a short, 18-minute file in between), but I'm curious to see that the Roxio Converted Items folder didn't contain the same files after each test. The 8.0.3 test included file names which started out with NVD01 and NVD02, but these were not in the second attempt. To be fair, were there other files somewhere else that I should have trashed, just to make sure it was a better test? If not, why the differences in file names, and faster results? In any case, I'm not going back to 8.0.3.
  3. jerrygref

    8.0.3 upgrade - Toast now much slower

    Okay, that seems like a sound experiment. I'll burn the exact same material in both versions and check the time. Probably won't be until next week, though. I'll post the results.
  4. jerrygref

    8.0.3 upgrade - Toast now much slower

    Anyone else finding the burning times to be much longer after the 8.0.3 upgrade? I noticed the slow down immediately. Materials of similar length (about 1 hr, 35m) that used to burn in 8-9 hours are now pushing 11 hours. Is there anything I can do to improve things? Should I dump the upgrade? (and how?) thanks... Jerry Mac OSX 10.4.11 PowerPC G4
  5. Okay, this time I'm not writing with a problem. I had a problem, but through extensive trial and error, I figured out exactly what was causing the problem, so I thought I'd share my story in case it helps anyone else. I have an external Lacie DVD drive/burner, and use this (via Toast) to copy my homemade DVDs along with my Mac's internal drive. When copying a homemade DVD, I would sometimes encounter an error message when using Toast, saying something along the lines of "...file VTS-01.-1.VOB could not be accessed (Data fork, -36)." It would also cite an I/O error, suggesting that the disc may have been copyprotected, which it clearly wasn't. Back in May, I brought this up, and was told to try, among other things, shutting down my Mac for 10 minutes. This worked, but now I can add exactly what *caused* this problem in the equation. Around the same time (and again last week), I was using iMovie to extract video from a VHS through a Dazzle hookup. However, due to a lack of enough USB ports in the back of my Mac, I removed my external Lacie DVD drive USB plug (which I wasn't using at that part of the equation) and plugged in the Dazzle. After finishing with the Dazzle, I have to replug the Lacie external drive into the Mac. This is where the problem is being created. Now, I have determined, every time I remove the Lacie external drive to use the Dazzle, I need to shut down the Mac for 10 minutes to before replugging the Lacie drive back in the Mac to copy discs. As a result, the -36 VOB/IO errors have disappeared. I hope this might help someone if they have a similar set-up. Jerry
  6. jerrygref

    Reslt Code -108 / Memory

    Well, here's the latest. I tried to figure out exactly where the problem with the memory was centered. There were no hidden applications coming that might have been a drain on things. However, I did find the problem, as far as I can tell. While iMovie was not running and properly in quit mode, I realized that my last iMovie project still has about 6.5GB of trash inside its trash can. I emptied that and the Toast problem of having "no memory" went away. Somehow, holding that amount of trash in the internal trash can of iMovie apparently was taking a hit on the memory. HOWEVER, now I'm back to having all kinds of trouble with failures (in both directions) reading the VOB files, much as I had back in May. I tried all those same kinds of fixes that I did in May, but having no luck. I'm ready to throw something, soon.
  7. jerrygref

    Reslt Code -108 / Memory

    Just to clarify and correct this past comment, I am not having trouble reading SONY discs through the Mac. I forgot which kind of disc I had in during this equation. Today's problem does involve Memorex discs. Again, these have been burning okay in the Mac internal drive, but not playing there. I have had no trouble playing the Memorex through the Lacie external drive and copying to the Mac internal drive, until today. Also, I have tried shutting down the Mac for ten minutes and repairing permissions. Neither has helped. Still getting the -108 error. Also tried copying just the VIDEO_TS folder. No go on that, too. Jerry Mac OS 10.4.6 Toast 7.0.2
  8. jerrygref

    Reslt Code -108 / Memory

    Nope. Getting the same result code error when trying to Save as Disc Image. The disc won't read in the internal drive. Not sure if it is a media problem or something else. (Recently, I've been trying some Memorex discs. They would burn in the Mac internal drive, but not play there. Today's problem involved SONY discs, which I've never had problem playing before.)
  9. jerrygref

    Reslt Code -108 / Memory

    Hi there... I'm having (more) troubles with Toast 7 now. I'm trying to copy a disc (that I made just days ago) from an external lacie drive to the internal Mac DVD drive via Toast. I'm getting the "error code -108" message saying I am out of memory. Is this accurate? I read a post on someone else's -108 problem from back in March, where the problem may have been with missing parts of the VIDEO-TS folder, but I can't see how this is the case. Any help?
  10. jerrygref

    Sounds disappears halfway during burn

    Hey there... I was trying to burn a movie I made from personal VHS tapes about an hour and 40 minutes in length. I made a QT .mov file from iMovie. When placed into the Toast window, the full audio is there, or at least appears to be there in the Edit mode. But, during burning, the audio mysteriously drops out halfway through the movie. What's up with that? Again, the audio is present in the .mov file. The audio boxes are all checked in iMovie where they should be. Had this same problem about six months ago once, but can't remember what the problem was nor how I solved it. Any help? Jerry Toast 7.0.2 Mac 10.4.6
  11. jerrygref

    Accessing VOB failure & I/O error

    Well, I've tried two different things on this attempt, which has resulted in success. It was only at this latest attempt that I actually got around to shutting down for 10 minutes. Also, I did indeed fail to update the latest drivers for the Lacie drive (which also called for a shutdown). After these moves, I did succeed to first make a successful copy by dragging the VIDEO folder to the drive, then using Toast to make a disc from the VIDEO_TS folder. Then, just as a test, I went back to the traditional route by just copying the master disk from the external drive and was successful that way, too. (Both copies were made with the SONY media, as well.) Thanks for your assistance on this problem.
  12. jerrygref

    Accessing VOB failure & I/O error

    Okay, I couldn't even copy the folder to the hard drive, as I got a very similar message saying that "some data could not be read or copied" and again mentioned the -36 error. Any guesses?
  13. jerrygref

    Accessing VOB failure & I/O error

    I have already tried dragging the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to the Toast window, but I will try dragging it to the hard drive. Yes, I was using the Toast Copy window, as I do most of the time. As an alternate attempt, I tried the VIDEO_TS folder drag. I'll give the shutdown a try, too. Thanks...
  14. jerrygref

    Accessing VOB failure & I/O error

    I've been trying to copy some DVDs (my own productions) and I'm suddenly getting a load of error messages. The message reads "...file VTS-01.-1.VOB could not be accessed (Data fork, -36)." When I click the OK button, I get a second message informing me of the I/O error, telling me that the original might be copy-protected (which it isn't). I did change the media back to a brand that I've had no trouble with in the past, at least in terms of the target DVD. (I was copying from an external Lacie drive into my Mac's drive.) I have been using some new media of late (SONY) as opposed to TDK (which I normally use). Would it matter if the source DVD in the Lacie machine was a bad media, and not the target media in the Mac? Also, I've noticed that my Lacie drive won't recognize/record with the newer 1x-16x discs, but doesn't have a problem playing them. Would that be part of the problem? thanks...
  15. jerrygref

    Menu change -- what did I do?

    Ah, I did upgrade to 10.4.6 recently, too. Okay, thanks for the answer. Now I know at least that it's something I didn't do differently.