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    Is Popcorn 3 a beta release?

    The trouble is that Popcorn 3 is just not usable as it stands - just look at the comments here. Toast 8 is fairly solid (though it could do with a few bug fixes).
  2. plantypal

    Is Popcorn 3 a beta release?

    I agree, it's a completely rubbish program as it stands. How do we get a refund?
  3. plantypal

    Temp files not deleted

    Just tried my first conversion from .avi to DVD in Popcorn (I bought the upgrade mostly for the ability to burn up to 4 hour DVDs) and noticed that after I quit Popcorn the temporary files in the Roxio Converted Items folder aren't automatically deleted (as they are in Toast 8). I can't see anything in Popcorn's preferences to put this right. Any ideas?