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    upgrade disc cover, now its not free!

    what gives? i barley found out we had this application on toast, i use it and its great, then i noticed theres an update and next thing i know after the upgrade its no longer free! why do i got to pay for it if i already did when i bought toast titanium?
  2. andyx181x

    burning mkv files

    you mean what inside the mkv file? honestly i do not know, i will use this program you told me about, hopefully it will be a lot faster then using the quicktime decoder. it will keep my subtitles right? also how can i tell what are the audio/video formats inside the mkv container?
  3. andyx181x

    burning mkv files

    thanks for the advice, i tried one epesiode it and it took about two hours just like i been doing with visual hub, i dont see an improvement in quality even when its the mkv file. im assuming the decoder being used to keep the subtitles is what drops the quality, in any cases i dont have much of a choice so i plan on just convert them over to mp4 since regardless it takes 2 hours to convert one file even for burning.
  4. andyx181x

    burning mkv files

    i got 24 epesiodes in mkv format, i have the quicktime decoder that allows me to view them with their subtitles so im assuming toast is the doing the same, i set 12 of them to burned under dvd video with a DL disc. and its taking forever to toast to burn, should i have dropped the quality selector or is this normal
  5. andyx181x

    what format has the best quality for dvd

    the reason why is i dont want to burn all these movies onto dvds, i know that i can use the Video_TS folder and burn a perfect copy but now i just want to save a lot of space and just turn it into a mpeg file instead, plus i plan on keeping it on a mediagate system that stores all movies and music onto a harddrive and plays for tvs, so depending on how big the HD i get i want to save space
  6. andyx181x

    what format has the best quality for dvd

    ok heres the deal, i use mac the ripper to pull out video_ts folder of a dvd, and usually use handbrake to convert it into an mp4 file with mpeg-4 video/aac encoding or h.264 encoding. up until now i been using the h.264 but when i burned that file onto the dvd the quality was horrible! should i just stick with the mpeg-4 which will still have decent quality and will work on a dvd, or should i go with another format? i have another program now that gives me many choices on what file i want to convert it to; so please give me your feedback
  7. andyx181x

    which video selection is best for burning multiple movies?

    i beg to differ, it just doesn't look as sharp as the original dvd, i compared the two running on my mac and i can see a visual difference
  8. andyx181x

    which video selection is best for burning multiple movies?

    alright you have enticed me with the idea of apple tv, if that is the case i think just to be safe and not lose all of my space on my hard drive. i could at least just burn the videos into a data cd, and import them when i want onto the mac and play them threw apple tv right? oh btw since mac the ripper is losing some quality when extracting the video ts folder, do you know another program that does it better? because handbrake does it but like i said it converts the folder automatically into mp4; im going to go ahead and burn one of my videos to see if it will work on the dvd player just for curiosities sake. because i am sure it can play an mp4
  9. andyx181x

    which video selection is best for burning multiple movies?

    alright heres the deal, im using mac the ripper to extract the video ts folder, however the quality of the movie itself is lost about 15-20% when i burn it as is with roxio. so i decided to use handbrake and isquint to finalize the the folder into a very decent mp4 h.264 file, i got two versions. one for TV's and one for my ipod video. now that i just have this movie file thats a little over a gig, i figure instead of wasting one entire DVD-DL disc for one movie, i want to put as many movies as i can onto one disc. i plan to play these discs on DVD players, i keep the master copys on the hard drive. so which burning format do you recommend? i already checked the divx format and i can fill a DVD-DL with about 5-7 movies, if i use just use DVD-Video it will only hold one movie.
  10. Alright, i have the software needed to extract Video_TS folders, and convert them into a very decent mp4 H.264 encoded movie file for TV. however seeing that its just the video itself, the file is not much bigger then a Gig so I would like to fit multiple movies onto one DVD-DL. im confused as to wheter use Super Video or Divx Video to do this. I heard Divx videos may not work on a ordinary dvd player, and hence that is not what i want to do; and isn't super video pretty much a VCD? please someone be kind to tell me what is the best setting to achieve my goals. Note i already tired DVD Video but it will spread the one movie onto the entire disc meaning it will only take one movie in that format