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    Dvd Burn Failures

    when i try to burn dvds the burn goes from writing the lead in straight to writing the lead out leaving the disc trashed. ive tried writing to an image file but it pings instantly leaving an empty image. any ideas on the cause?
  2. Modular1

    Toast Fails To Burn Every Time

    getting a bit fed up with it. it jumps to writing the lead out early every time. all other apps burn ok so im assuming it must be toast. toast 8 did the same thing so ive tried toast 9 and it does the same thing.
  3. ive been recording a tv show to recordable dvds. id like to rip these dvds and make menus for them. when add the ts folder to my compilation the episodes are listed in reverse order and there is no option for a menu. any ideas?
  4. Modular1

    Blocky Picture on VCD/SVCD/DVDs burned with toast

    actually ive just worked out that i can quite easily encode using iVCD and burn using toast. Magic
  5. Modular1

    Blocky Picture on VCD/SVCD/DVDs burned with toast

    thanks. one question... for AVI to DVD, which preset in ffmpeg should i use to make sure toast needs to do no extra encoding?
  6. Modular1

    Blocky Picture on VCD/SVCD/DVDs burned with toast

    is ffmpeg an OSX program?
  7. Modular1

    Blocky Picture on VCD/SVCD/DVDs burned with toast

    no ideas then? why do people use toast if its so shoddy? or are people happy with its blocky picture output?
  8. any reason this should be? i have previously been using Mireth iVCD to burn SVCDs of 349mb .avi files (xvid/divx). The quality of the discs burned in iVCD far outstrips the quality of any disc ive burned in Toast but id like to use the menu features etc in toast. why is the final product picture so awful in toast? its not the source file for sure. iVCD has proved that.
  9. Modular1

    Crunch PC - How to set the frame rate?

    am i right in thinking i can get a refund if the program is not going to work for me because of this?
  10. As a uk resident most of my dvd sources are PAL. in the output dialog it says the output mp4 wil have a 29.97 framerate. i know this common mistake is what knocks the sound out of sync in the finished file. in the help file it says i should have the option to change the picture format but the only option i get is the screen adaptation choice. im testing it with my first file now hopefully it wont be a problem, but if the sound is out of sync this will render the application useless to me.