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  1. Cokeboy

    audio sync problem

    Thanks for the help tsantee
  2. Cokeboy

    audio sync problem

    It's from a ripped tv show dvd I used mac the ripper to rip. Why does the elgato turbo not work with popcorn if you use custom settings ? I have asked roxio support but have yet to get a reply
  3. Cokeboy

    audio sync problem

    AppleTV High as the elgato turbo 264 does not work if you use custom settings :(
  4. Cokeboy

    audio sync problem

    I have a problem I used popcorn with elgato turbo to convert a VIDEO_TS folder for a tv show when i played it halfway through the show it started to miss sync like a cheap japanese movie. So i tried using elgato's own software and the movie played great ????
  5. Cokeboy

    Error while converting ?

    Im getting this error when I try to convert movies ? Couldn't complete the last command because there was an I/O error Result Code = 36