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  1. I too am having problems with playback on my DVD Player. I have done many DVD burns using both My DVD 9 and My DVD Express. I have even used Disc Copier to make compilations with success. I can play previously (prior to a month ago) recorded discs of the same brand and batch without problems. Now when I use My DVD 9 which I believe uses fixed settings, I can play them back on any PC but not a set top DVD Player. As far as I know, nothing to do with Roxio Creator 9 has changed. I have rolled back my system with Restore and even done a clean install of Roxio Creator 9 Suite (Legal Copy). I am using the same Burner, PC w/XP Home and same brand discs from same batch. The output quality on the last project burned is excellent on either of my PCs but I get disc error on my DVD Player (same one as I have used for the past 2 years. I have read many posts and responses from others with the same problem but, I have not seen anywhere that a cure has been found. I hate to think that I spent the mony on a program that offers little if any positive support. I have talked with Roxio Tech Support via live chat and basicly the woman didn't have as much knowledge of the software as I. She told me that because I had a 700mb .avi file, I should deselect "fit to disc" as 700 mb will easily fit on a DVD-R. I asked her how it was that an .avi file of this size takes up over 7gb on a DL disc and she hung up on me. it has been mentioned that there ar 8+ burning programs in this suite. What are they? I know about My DVD 9, My DVD Express, Disc Copier. Does anyone uot there have a rational answer to this delema. Please don't keep giving the same old retoric of Bad Media, Bad Burner or Media not compatible with DVD Player.