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    Is Popcorn 3 total junk, or is it just me?

    If only it were so. Perfectly ordinary unencrypted DivX and XviD files took a GODAWFUL long time to process, and then were unplayable when processed and burned with Popcorn. And it's not that it WON'T--I get no error messages or complaints. As far as I can tell it just CAN'T.
  2. ratbastid

    Is Popcorn 3 total junk, or is it just me?

    I knew I shouldn't have mentioned the failures on commercial DVDs. That was a very minor part of my complaint--and I knew Popocorn wasn't even supposed to do that--but people seem to have quit reading and decided I'm just ignorant at that point. I have LOTS of experience with DVD apps on Windows. I'm having a really hard time finding apps for the Mac that do what Windows apps do. The thing I wanted Popcorn for (recording downloaded videos to DVD) it claims to do, but utterly fails at. I've already gotten my refund from Roxio and deleted Popcorn from my hard drive. My verdict: TOTAL JUNK.
  3. ratbastid

    Is Popcorn 3 total junk, or is it just me?

    Windows apps, mostly, although I've successfully burned things in DVD Copy and iDVD too. Those are both difficult to work with starting from DivX or XviD sources, though, which is what I want Popcorn for. On Windows (under Parallels) I've used ConvertXtoDVD and DVDShrink and CopyToDVD successfully--with the very sources that failed with Popcorn. I hate that I have to open Parallels to quickly and reliably burn DivX/Xvid to DVD, but that appears to be the case.
  4. ratbastid

    Is Popcorn 3 total junk, or is it just me?

    It's Popcorn 3.0.1. This happens when adding files of ANY codec, and I've tried several. I don't know what Perian is, but Spotlight has never heard of it. Well, that make sense, but: - Other software burns this very same media in such a way that my DVD player plays it fine - The DVDs Popcorn puts out play okay on my Mac, but make my DVD player say "Invalid Disc", and make Windows Media Player freeze up completely All I really want is for Popcorn to make DVDs the way that other package does, so it works in all the devices a DVD ought to work in. It's hard for me to blame the player when other software makes perfectly good DVDs for that player.
  5. ratbastid

    Is Popcorn 3 total junk, or is it just me?

    I'm able to burn DVDs with other software on that same media that play on my DVD player, so it's not that. Burn speed seems to be st at "agonizingly slow". Is it normal that when I drop a file onto Popcorn, I get a spinning beachball for several minutes (I mean literally, like three to five minutes) before it recognizes the dropped file? I force-quit it several times before I figured out that it would eventually work. It looks frozen, when it's doing that.
  6. So far Popcorn has: - Refused to deal with ANY commercial DVD I've given it because it doesn't handle encryption - Been nothing but DEAD SLOW (I drop a file on it and it takes 10 minutes to even recognize something's been dropped, encoding a 2-hour avi file took 5 hours) - Burned DVDs that only seem to work in my Mac's player, and then, unreliably--my DVD player doesn't recognize them at all and they crash Windows Media Player! All I want is to take downloaded video and burn it to standard DVDs. Popcorn CLAIMS to do this, but so far I'm batting zero. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it just $50 junk?