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  1. Its matter of format of video files that matters not the OS on the device. Find out what format of video files are supported and then use it to output it.
  2. Partial or improper install would result in above. Might want to use clean install process or some kind of reg cleaner before you attempt another install.
  3. firenhancer

    Flickering Black Video

    How does the burnt Disc play on a DVD/BD Player?
  4. firenhancer

    Invalid Cd Key During Install

    Any previous versions of Roxio installed? If not, a clean uninstall might be a way to go. I'm not seeing attachment for history.bld though. Also check your Date/Time settings are up to date.
  5. firenhancer

    Happy Holidays

    Sincere holiday wishes to everyone
  6. firenhancer

    Problem Burning Iso To Dvd

    Sounds like you are trying to burn a Audio CD as the error indicates. How was the ISO created? What is the size of the ISO file?
  7. Flat file = Copied installation files from the disc to a folder. Try copying the installer files into a USB drive or so and then install using these files (essentially running setup.exe) to the laptop.
  8. firenhancer

    .mov Movies Using Popcorn 4

    No. Popcorn does not support Data burning. Toast is more appropriate application for doing the same. However, unless you are looking into upgrading and using the suite, you could try this freeware
  9. firenhancer

    Rocky/bad Install?

    Let me take that one while Jim responds. The answer is Yes. At times, following usual uninstall procedure will leave certain files/folders/reg keys behind. Clean install procedure takes care of that (while not every reg entry) that would affect your next install.
  10. Perhaps, try using the copied flat file from Desktop to Laptop to install. You should be good to go.
  11. firenhancer

    Cannot Drag And Drop Itune's Files Into Toast

    Are you able to drag the desired .mp3 files to say desktop instead of directly to Toast?
  12. firenhancer

    Creating Or Burning

    1. Do you have Roxio Creator 10 or Roxio Creator 2010? 2. It is a standard behavior for DVDs with "No Menus" to loop. You will need to re-author a DVD and add a menu. Burning an existing disc image or .ISO will create identical copy of the source disc.
  13. Would you happen to have a different system to assess if the installation disc or drive is an issue? If yes, try copying the installation disc to a flat file and see if you end up with that same issue. If yes, I suggest requesting TS to send you a temp download link.
  14. firenhancer

    Toast 10 drive regions?

    Region is more related to hardware for eg drive set to read specific region video DVDs. However, Toast creates region free DVDs and will be playable anywhere in the worl as long you encode it to appropriate region i. e. PAL OR NTSC.
  15. firenhancer

    Sonic Update Manager fails to install

    Sounds like you have a bundled version of Sonic application on the system. If you were supplied with the installation discs for the product with your system, you could attempt to locate the file on the disc. If not you will have to try contacting HP for further assistance.
  16. firenhancer

    Out of disk space error copying to hd

    1. Do a chkdsk /r with elevated permission. 2. Do a defrag for your drive 3. See if this is applicable to you (http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/06/26/how-to-change-and-limit-system-restore-storage-space-usage-size-in-vista-with-vssadmin/)
  17. firenhancer

    88 mins on a music CD?

    No. Overburn is not an option or is not recommended. However. You could always split your source file into 2 segments so as to fit on more than CD.
  18. firenhancer

    Burning oversized MPEG files to playable DVD

    When authoring a DVD video, length of the video is something more relevant vs size of the file. Follow the process below to achieve authoring the video clip to a playable SL DVD. 1. Launch Toast 2. Choose Video 3. Choose DVD Video 4. Select or drag the video clip in the toast video area 5. Choose fit to Dvd option 6. Choose to burn to DVD. Note: you have choice of saving the disc as an image file and then burn the image at a later time.
  19. firenhancer

    Toast Titanium 10

    Toast = Digital media suite for Mac Creator family = Digital media suite for PC (windows based system) Do you currently own Toast 10? Also if you have read the tutorial referring to Lightscribe, you would have noticed, you would require LSS (lightscribe system software) before you can use any application to use lightscribe abilities. Toast 10 includes 3rd party labelling application that supports lightscribing if that is what you are asking.
  20. firenhancer

    Downloading Easy Media Creator 10.0

    In this particular case, here (http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/emc10/software_updates.html)
  21. If you did not opt for Extended Download Service during the time of purchase, a redownload may not be an available option. You could request Roxio Customer Service to provide a one time download link but again it will be upto their discretion
  22. firenhancer

    Volume Normalization

    Check post from Tsantee
  23. firenhancer

    dvdr+DL skips after burning

    Skipping issues are generally related to poor discs. Are you experiencing the problem on computer or standalone player or both? What brand of discs are using? If not already using, use Verbatim discs. You could try slowing down the burn speed based on what is available at the time of burn. You also want to ensure mounting the image file and playing it to ensur that the issue is not in source.
  24. firenhancer

    SonicCinePlayer DVD Decoder

    What happens if you manually select to play (if showing Unknown DVD)?
  25. firenhancer

    Redbook Standard Audio CDs?

    Just curious as to what makes you doubt about Toast 9 not able to make Audio CD as per Red Book? Have you actually tried attempting to make a Audio disc that wouldn't play on a standard audio player and if they were rejected with errors of glass masters?