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    MyDVD Menu text editing

    Now using ROXIO Creator NXT7, I have been using Creator since the original, way back, and updating since. There are several parts of the applications that are outstanding in their DECLINE of usability, or are missing altogether; one is the ability to edit the text font in the menu, a long title sometimes does not fit on one line. it cannot be made to fit on two and the font size cannot be reduced, nor to one more elegant! I still use Creator 1010 Pro where possible but it cannot run on Windows 10. I have fed back to Corel/Roxio and whatever other brand they may have , that there has been a sure decline in the DVD creation application under this company's direction, their response - nothing helpful whatsoever. Unless there is a change in the company's attitude and professionalism with respect to the users, then I will never upgrade again! Once a good product - now lousy. Nigel, Video Photographer, Audio Visual Technologies
  2. To What "memory" is this message referring? Little memory is being used by all components of the computer, 2 small MPEG2 files of two to 3 minutes only to be burnt to DVD. have closed MyDVD and rebooted twice with no change. What does "E_RPLS_" mean? New discs were tried also.
  3. Audiovis

    Making Multiple Copies Using Multiple Drives

    I don't see that you have received an answer to your original question Marty; burning to several drives simultaneously. This is an issue I have taken up with Roxio since the exclusion of this module post Creator 7. Their reply to my query was, to effect, that they had no plan to reinstate the module!! Why? So I retain my Creator 7 for this purpose. One major hitch, if you are upgrading to later versions the later installs will wipe your Creator 7 off the drive! The solution is to hide the 7 pre install. Would like to see a users push to get the Simultaneous Burn module reinstated or as an optional plug-in. Audiovis Aus
  4. Audiovis

    Burning To Multiple Destinations

    The "upgrade" from EMC 7 to EMC 9 has downgraded the essential burning to multiple drives (Destinations) facility that we use frequently, why is this? I also find various small problems with the use of EMC 9 which were not in EMC 7 and the user interface not as good. Can't get any sense from "ROXANNE". Any comments please? Computer: HP DC7700 Dual core