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  1. Recently purchased Roxio Creator 2009. I am using Media Import to transfer video files from mini dvd(DVD-R Sony). I can import files in MPEG format only;although the capture settings is giving me the following choices ;Divx,MPEG,WMV9. Any suggestion please Varadero Intel Core ,2 Duo CPU,3.166GHZ 2.048MB RAM NVDIA GE FORCE 9600GT 512.0 MB LG HL-DT-ST DVD RAM GH22NP WINDOWS XP PRO,SERVICE PACK 3 SAMSUNG SYNC MASTER 2253BW.
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    Thanks for your quick reply No the clips were in 4:3 ratio VARADERO
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    I have not been successfull in trying to burn DVD project with 16:9 ratio. The project is actually a production with AVI files which was transfer to MYDVD. I successfully burned the project few times with 4:3 ratio . Under MYDVD I click project settings and change the ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 ;the menu screen looked as per 16:9 ratio, but when I burned the project it still showing as per 4:3 ratio I have check the disk content which still indicates 4:3 ratio need some help please.... VARADERO
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    Good morning ,many thanks for your quick reply ,but would you suggest it should be easier for me to use ROXIO MEDIA IMPORT(EMC9),copy the film over to my hard drive ,Roxio Media is given me 3 choices ; DIVX ,WMA9 and MPEG extention ,Would WMV9 be the best choice for editing with VideoWave and thereafter burned to DVD.(I would output first to MPEG) I honnestly thought that VOB files were not that easy to edit.... I have 2 clips of approx 28min each with 16:9 ratio Should I keep this ratio (16:9)for editing because i will eventually burned two DVD's;one copy in 4:3 ratio and one copy in 16:9 ratio The films originated from DigitalCamcorder with smallDVD(8CM) and the content is family stuff THANKS AGAIN VARADERO
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    Good evening I am copying / importing Audio_TS and Video_TS ,from a DVD+R . The folder AUDIO_TS is empty The folder VIDEO_TS contains: Video_TS.BUP ;Video_TS.IFO and Video_TS.VOB files ,as well as the related files ie: VTS_01_1.VOB ,VTS_02_1.VOB etc.... Am I to copy over the VTS_01_1.VOB FILES or the Video_TS.VOB folder for future editing with Videowave,EMC9. Sorry for my original post I went to fast... I was to also ask if I can bring these files over in AVI ;it looks like that I can copy over these files in MPEG or DViX....or VOB files are OK for edition..... Thanks Varadero
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    Good morning , Sorry for the delay my PC (brand new)crashed on me. Sorry for the confusion yes i am working with a production with multiple clips and transitions are between those clips.The transitions were =x_close double ,page turn diagonal and clock wipe left; timing were between 1.9 sec to 4.5 secs. Thanks for your answer I did output to mpeg 2 format and production did play smoothly. Meanwhile I received reply from Roxio advising to remove and re install EMC 9 . Which I did anyway with this crash and now my production plays smoothly. Thanks again Varadero
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    I am working with wmv type This problem (this is happening on various part of my production) seems to occur when I am trimming my clip and adding/ replacing/trimming transition and happening with various one . I don't have empty panel after looking in the storyline. Obviously there nothing wrong with the transition itself (my understanding)More a timing issue. I then added (as suggested) a color panel which last approx 5 sec.This addition was made in the storyline view and after the transition (before the clip). Then the reading of the clip was smooth ,no freeze. But I am stuck with a color panel,I can see now the cursor freezing over the color panel.. The clip in question is in mute mode would this have an impact.... Any other ideas..... Many thanks and tank you for your patience VARADERO
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    Good morning While playing back my dvd on my dvd player (JVC) ,the sound (native)will stop playing for approx 2 to 3 sec and this will occur numerous time ... Any suggestions... I am sure my DVD player is OK never had such problems before Varadero
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    Good morning Working environment;EMC9,VIDEOWAVE,TIMELINE I need some guidance for the following problem After 'trimming' a clip I am adding /inserting a transition (in front of the clip) I then ,while reading the result ,notice that the clip will freeze for approx 2 seconds... This 'freeze' was not there prior the trim. Can someone help Thanks Varadero