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    -19004 at burn time

    When initiating the uninstall of IE7, it warns me about the long list of products and patches that have been applied after I installed IE7 (I installed IE7 when it first became available.) and warns of the fact that any or all of them could stop functioning if I proceed. I'm not willing to take that chance. I'd rather purchase a software product that will work on WinXP with IE7 (Do you have any recommendations?) or borrow a friends computer that can do this one-time DVD project for me. Pete
  2. petwir

    -19004 at burn time

    I'm using Sonic MyDVD 6.2.0 623B17P for the first time on a computer I purchased brand new from Circut City just last year. I composed my new DVD, and it plays back great in Sonic, but when I try to burn, it gets "invalid requested time -19004". Google helped me find some other references to this on other chat boards, but no one had a clear solution to the problem. Under the roxio online help systems, I saw a suggestion that IE7 might be the culpret? What if I don't want to uninstall IE7? Would buying a more current version solve things? Looking for some direction here... (I hope I'm in the right forums?) Thanks, Pete