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  1. Sony Mini DV Digital Handycam
  2. Maybe because it works in Windows 8. Every program in Creator 2012 works except being able to capture the video from the tape of my daughter's wedding!
  3. But shouldn't there still be a driver available???????
  4. OK, I've tried that. The same screen shots from above are still showing. I checked the downloaded program from the web site that I installed and it shows files for Vista and XP but not for Windows 8. Why is this so f****ng difficult! There should be a driver for Win 8 out there somewhere! Trying to get anything from Roxio or Corel Support is like pulling teeth. If they had sent the installation disc for the device like they should have this probably wouldn't be an issue. All I want to do is record my daughter's wedding to disc. Is that asking so much?!? Apparently so.
  5. Here you go. It shows there and looks to be ok, but when I open my Creator 2012 it doesn't show as a video option.
  6. I'm having an issue with the new video capture device and my HP s5-1204 running an upgrade to Windows 8 from 7. I purchased the device and when it arrived there was no installation disc for the device so I went to the web site and downloaded what I thought were the drivers. This installed something but not the device drivers. Device manager sees the device but says there no drivers. Creator 12 video capture program has my logitech video camera listed but not the usb device. If you really want to frustrated, trying communicating with Roxio support about this. 6 emails later and it appears trying to expalin to a lot of idiots here I am. They keep sending me to a different support site that wants me to register my device and you can't because all they list is software and it's not software. Does anyone out there have a driver that will work with this device? As I said earlier it's the new device, the number on the device is HU3192-E, I'm running Windows 8 on a HP Pavillion s5-1204 Slimline desktop. Please help.
  7. john r1

    Cannot download order

    Thanks for the help. I'm open to all suggestions. Hopefully I'll hear from them soon and get started.
  8. john r1

    Cannot download order

    Thank you for clearing that up. So what is your recommendation when they do reset it for getting this blasted program downloaded efficently?
  9. john r1

    Cannot download order

    I don't want to sound uneducated, but you lost me.
  10. john r1

    Cannot download order

    I am so glad to hear I'm not the only one having problems. I tried to download EMC 10 Thursday and it kept starting and stopping and then just hung. When I went to try and download it again (I purchased the Extened Download service) it tells me I have exceeded my downloads and to contact customer service. Wrote them Thursday night and got no reply on Friday. Wrote again Friday and haven't heard anything yet this morning. This same thing happened to me when I did the download with EMC 9. Customer service reset the downloads some how and then downloaded it. I thought about using IE but too late. I hope to hear from them today so I can try again. This is so frustrating. Their good about getting your money, but not a lot of help on the back side.