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  1. I have been using EMC 9 for a couple of months with no problems. Two days ago I bought and downloaded EMC 10 from Roxio/Digital River. Installed it without uninstalling EMC 9 first. It worked, but after installation the application wouldn't start. No error code, or anything, it just wouldn't start. I tried to install it once again, same error. (The next time I got a "missing ...dll file" when I tried to start the program.) Uninstalled EMC 9 and EMC 10 and tried to install it again (have no tried that several times), but the installation process stops about halfway through the process, with the following error code: 0643. I also got the message "Cannot find certificate file". I have tried searching through the Knowledge Base and asking "RoxAnn", but haven't found any sensible information. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might bring me back on track again? PhillipK
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    RunTime Error

    I, too, have run into RunTime Errors in EMC 10 after finnally making it through the installation process. (After 15 hours of trying to install the program, uninstalling and reinstalling isn't the first thing I would embark on, if it isn't completely necessary...) Capture didn't work ("Failed to create album"), but that's another story. Anyway, I did the capture in Windows Movie Maker, and then tried to use CineMagic just to see if I could do something useful with that captured video file (AVI). CineMagic opens nicely, but once I choose a video file (or picture files; I have tried that, too) I get a RunTime error message related to RoxWizardLauncher10.exe Any thoughts?
  3. Thanks for your help. I had run the windows clean install, switched "everything" off in msconfig, but it turned out that there were some Roxio-related software from the previous EMC9-installation that hadn't been removed (Xingtones, etc.). Once I removed every trace, and did the clean install-procedure once again, it installed perfectly. And, by the way: It runs perfectly, too ;-)
  4. I was able to work my way around the "Administrator" problem. However, when I rebooted the computer and started the installation again, the installation suddenly stops with the message "The installation process was interrupted. Nothing was changed, blabla, Please try the installation again at another time. (Which I have no done about ten times.
  5. Thanks, Bruce I'm trying to do that now, but I can't delete the necessary folders. It says I have to be logged on as Administrator to do that. I am logged on as an administrator, so I don't understand that.