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    After Restore, Dvd Burner Won't Work

    I updated the driver on the Lite-On DVD burner to the most current driver available and there was no change to the strange behavior. Still have to reboot the PC to get the DVD drive back.
  2. Starry173173

    After Restore, Dvd Burner Won't Work

    Just got BOT 3 at work and home. No problems at work. At home, the backup files or disk-drive work fine. When I use the restore files function, it correctly restores the files I specify to the desired location and then when I end the program, I can no longer use DVD burner. It retains the volume title from the backup DVD and doesn't show any files, no matter what DVD or CD I put in. I discovered that I could recover from this by rebooting, but what is going on? This is Windows XP Pro SP2 with a Lite DVD burner that has no problems with anything else. Dell Dimension 2350. I was relieved that I could easily recover from the problem but I am concerned that it is happening. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. Starry173173

    Video Capture time Limit

    How does one manually capture? The Media Capture program either captures or it doesn't. Is there some other program that will allow me to do the capture manually?
  4. Starry173173

    Roxio_Central36.exe - Application Error

    Whatever happened to quality control? Or are some people out there not getting this error? I tried making this program a DEP exception to see if that would help, but it didn't change anything.
  5. Starry173173

    EMC 9 to 10?

    I upgraded to 9.1 (EMC 9 Deluxe) and that was definitely worth it. It included a Divx Bundle and the Dazzle DVC-90 analog capture device and an upgrade (downloaded seperately) to Backup MyPC. I was curious about EMC 10 and upgraded to that at work (home is still 9.1) and I am hoping there are lots of "under-the-hood" improvements. It had no Backup MyPC at all, having a completely different package called BackOnTrack, which I have no opinion about at this point and no upgrade to the Divx bundle. I won't be upgrading at home. The 9.1 version works for me.
  6. Starry173173

    Backup Changed on EMC10

    Actually, I still seem to have Backup MyPC Deluxe on my PC after installing EMC10. Was I supposed to uninstall it? Was I supposed to uninstall EMC9.1 before installing EMC10? Anyway, I thought Backup MyPC was a good product. Why does is seem like they are replacing the backup product everytime they go to a new version. It was good to stop using backup in Creator Classic. It never worked well there. But I haven't seen any problems with Backup MyPC at all? And do I need to uninstall it if I now have EMC10. Will my old backups work?