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    5.1 Surround

    Does videowave support 5.1 surround. I have load a video with 5.1 and cut out the bits I did not want. Can I export as a video file keeping the 5.1 surround track intact.
  2. mrpcrook


    Anyone can help with this. Is it possiable within Videowave to clean up Video Audio with Izotope, at the momemt you only get to use Videowave clean up tool which is not very advanced.
  3. mrpcrook

    Video Lab And Creator

    Is video lab any different to the video editor in Creator
  4. mrpcrook

    Mpeg-2 Activation

    Thank you for your reply. I have now done this 2 times, following the instructions to the letter, and I still get, No Permission-Bad installation, with mpeg. Now I just don't know what to do, on my old PC with Vista all was fine. Any other suggestions. Thanks
  5. mrpcrook

    Mpeg-2 Activation

    I have just purchased a new PC. I have loade Creator 9, but when I launch Videowave or My DVD I get the box MPEG-2 activation require, I accept but I get the following error Bad Installation-No Permission. I have removed and re-installed, no change. I have disconnected my Internet connection to try and get the Manual Activation, but still no Joy. Anyone know what I have to do, it has always worked before. PC is running Vista 32 (Same as old pc which Creator 9 worked fine on)
  6. mrpcrook

    The Costs!

    How come the Email only offers Upgrade to standard version. Is a upgrade to Ultimate available. At present you can pre-order Ultimate from Amazon for £59.99. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Roxio-Creator-2009...3215&sr=8-2
  7. In photo suite I know you have a free hand / paintbrush option. Is it possiable to draw a straight line or arrow, in paint shop pro it is simply called the Pen Tool. Thanks
  8. mrpcrook

    Blur Photo Background

    Is it possiable to blur the background of a photo in PhotoSuite.
  9. mrpcrook

    Mydvd Causes Pc To Reboot When Adding Video

    So any real solution to this Ati / EMC problem
  10. Hi I have recorded 5 episodes of a tv program (Planet Earth 1hr each) and I want to put them all on one DVD. A cheap DVD recorder can do this but I can Not get My DVD to do it even thou it is set up on Fit to disc. Wheather I use a single or dual layer disc My DVD can not fit it on, still shows I am in the red. Anyone suggest a way I can get these all on one DVD
  11. mrpcrook

    Upgrade Emc8 To Deluxe ?

    I know this is not Roxio Support but a Roxio Member does look in so PLEASE PLEASE can you let us know if we will be able to upgrade from EMC Suite to EMC Deluxe, the extras (Many that were in 7) would be good to have especially the extra video tracks.
  12. mrpcrook

    Title Menus - Stuck On The First One

    I am now having a similar problem with menu navigation. I have a DVD I am trying to make that has 23 videos. The DVD has burned but when I try to play in DVD player the navigation is all over the place. Up and Down jump, left and right needed for up and down. (I have notice that the problen is present in DVD preview within My DVD) This is the first time I have tried to make a DVD with more than 2 sub menus and it will not work correctly. I have tried several different menus. I have tried 3 different brands of DVD. I have tried 3 different DVD players. This is annoying as all my other DVD's have worked fine. Now going to load 7 back on and try that.
  13. No upgrade on offer here Just a complete new purchase.
  14. When will we be able to Upgrade EMC 8 Suite to EMC Deluxe Suite.
  15. At the moment the only solution is to change your settings from hardware render to software render.