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    Dvd Transfer Won't Work

    I have an odd dilemma… While in St. Louis in late October for the 50th anniversary of the Gateway Arch, I purchased a DVD movie: “Monument to the Dream” produced by Charles Guggenheim. It’s great 30-minute movie about the building of the Arch. The DVD appears to be CSS copy-protected. My copy of Toast 9 will not try to dub the DVD contents in a computer file. My mother’s laptop has no DVD drive. Our iPad naturally doesn’t have a DVD drive, either. How do I dub the contents of this DVD so I can use one of these devices to play the movie for a presentation to the Committee of Retired Boilermakers (Warren-based Arch builders) for their gathering on Dec. 8th? Thanks in advance.
  2. Walt Atwood

    Creating a photo slideshow DVD

    Here's a new twist: I have access to a first-rev MacBook, which of course runs on an Intel Core Duo processor. This laptop has no SuperDrive, so it cannot burn a DVD. I also have a 1.25 GHz G4 iMac, which does have a SuperDrive. Each machine has something the other lacks. In the case of the MacBook, speed. In the case of the iMac, the ability to actually burn my project to DVD. I was thinking about creating this project on the MacBook (which offers superior speed, a necessity when I'm accessing my iPhoto library with 26,000 pictures in it) and then taking the completed project to the iMac to burn it to DVD using Toast. Are there any technical issues I should be aware of before I try this?
  3. Walt Atwood

    Creating a photo slideshow DVD

    Here's an unusual project that I've never tried before... MY SOFTWARE: Final Cut Pro 4.5 DVD Studio Pro 2 iLife 2006 Toast 7 I have been asked to take digital photos in an iPhoto library and make them into a quickie video DVD. The photos chronicle a volunteer project that took months to complete. I do not intend to use every picture that was taken, but instead to select a group of photos that tell a story. One thing I'd like to do, if it's not too much trouble, is to include a caption giving the date of each picture. Is this practical to do, including the date? I've done an iPhoto-to-iDVD slideshow before, and was less than impressed with the results. I'm not sure there's a way to caption the date in that workflow. DVD Studio Pro 2 does not have the photo slideshow feature that subsequent versions have. Has anyone else done anything like this? --WA