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  1. I purchased and downloaded Roxio 10. Have tried to install it numerous times over the past 10 days. Have done the complete clean install, disabled everything, tried everything I can think of and still no install. I have contacted customer service twice and received one response, which was "turn off anti-virus." Which I had already done before the first try. At this point, I suppose a refund would be better than nothing. Of course, since customer service won't respond, even that won't happen. I have no idea what to try beyond what has been suggested in this forum, and none of those suggestions have worked. Add this edit: I checked and there was another response--although I was not notified of it. Now I am being told that since I purchased an upgrade version, version 9 has to be installed in order to install version 10. Which of course is in exact opposition to the advice to do a totally clean install. Now I have no version 9 installed and it was purchased as a download, so I can't reinstall it now.
  2. The point is, everything WAS turned off, yet it still wouldn't install. And the answer I got was to "turn the anti-virus off."
  3. Exactly my experience. I am so tired of trying to install this program. I have wasted HOURS and HOURS and HOURS with it and still it is not installed. I am really sick of it. I have followed all instructions for clean install, am running nothing while I install, etc. etc. etc. etc. Furthermore, the online help was exactly ZERO help. The answer was to turn off the anti-virus. Period.