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    Dvd Rom Plus Videos

    "are you trying to create a video DVD from movie files to be burned along with the webcard data files? "Yes. I have a Family Tree application - Reunion 9. When you want to send the family tree to people, either by disc or upload to a website, you convert the family tree into web cards. The webcards contain cross referred data, jpgs, mp3s and movies. They are not in a Video_TS folder they end up in the webcards as QuickTime movie files (zzxx.MOV files) It is the fact that if I send this disc burnt as a DVD ROM to a windows computer everything except the movies (quicktime) reads and works as a cross referred database. My thought was that I could put the movies into one half of the DVD so that they could be read on a computer or desktop DVD player and the other half as a DVD ROM would contain the database, but stripped of its movies, so that to read the DVD ROM you played it in your computer, and then you put the DVD into your DVD player and watched the movies. But I suppose the answer is two discs - one as a DVD ROM and the other as - a disc with movies on it. I think I want my cake and eat it Cheers Steve
  2. stevebaze

    Dvd Rom Plus Videos

    I have burnt a DVD ROM disc with family tree webcards on it and also on the same DVD burnt a number of movies on the other partition. I cannot access the movie side when I have burnt showing the DVD web cards and I cannot access the DVD Rom when I have burnt showing the movies. I am assuming that my assumption that I can burn both on the same disc, in their respective partitions, and access them both is not correct, or am I forgettig something? To clear up another point - If i run my family webcards on my Mac I can access the movies that are embedded in the webcards on my Mac - however, when I run the disc on a PC with either Vista or XP when I try to access the movies in my webcards I get a blank picture area that says I need a Plug-In. Is the above because my Mac links itself to my movies on on my hard drive but there is no link when I run the disc on a PC? Other points - is that when I open my family webcards the icon which opens the web cards disappears also I cannot drag and drop the disc from my DEsktop to the trash because I get a message telling me that the application is still in use but i can dismount the disc by opening the tray. Cheers Steve
  3. stevebaze

    Burn From Iphoto6.0.6 To Toast 7.1.2

    I tried the Alias but no go. I tried the picture Folder but still nothing However, like a fool, I hadn't tried the ADD button and of course it allowed me to nav to the iPhoto folders. Ques. Is it that the Audio programers are better than the iPhoto progs because Audio - Lib shows in the sidebar with no probs, and I can nav to all the iTunes folders and files - The Audio (iTunes) folder is in the same place as iPhoto. Strange. I also tried Share Burn but it spite out the disc Thanks for your help. I had tried the Alias route with and without "alias" but no go cheers
  4. stevebaze

    Burn From Iphoto6.0.6 To Toast 7.1.2

    I want to burn iPhoto Library. Having selected Data from the choice of Data, Audio etc. I then select Format Mac Only When I select Media I get the iPhoto logo in the top window but there is no Library or folders in the lower window. I have no problem with Audio it shows the Audio. Library then all the folders in the bottm window Wher am I going wrong. My iPhoto Library is on and external Hard disc. I have an eMac. OS X 10.3.9. iPhoto 6.0.6. Toast 7.1.2
  5. stevebaze

    Data disc and DVD ROM in one

    I selected DVD ROM and placed some picture files in it, and then I selected DATA and placed a family tree file in it. After I had burnt the Disc all I could find was the DATA files ( which worked - I could navigate the family tree) What has happened to the DVD ROM pics? I was under the impression that DVD ROM files could co-exist with DATA/Video/Audio etc files on the same disc but that the DVD ROM file was only viewable on a computer The pictures are related to the family tree. My rig: is eMac, OSX 10.3.9, Toast 7, Reunion 8 (family tree app) cheers Steve Hill
  6. stevebaze

    DVD-Rom photos not there

    Thanks tsantee Sorry for the delay in replying but I have only just been emailed your reply. Cheers Steve
  7. stevebaze

    DVD-Rom photos not there

    When I COPY a video disk using COPY and I put the related photographs into the ROM area I cannot find the DVD-Rom section on my computer after I have burnt the disk. This also happens when I MAKE a disc from a movieproject. I am using Verbatim DVD-RW, 4.7Gb, 120min 4x. Help - How do you make a DVD-Rom section. Steve
  8. stevebaze

    Medium Error

    I have tried to burn a DVD-Video. After Encoding it returns a message: "The drive reported = Medium Error. Sense Code OX x 73, OX x 03." I made two edits - deleting from within two differant clips. and deleted one complete clip. The import file was just short of its maximum, by approx 345mb The "Green" arc bar on the burn button was about one third up the arc. I haven't upgraded to 7.1.2. Have I got two duff files and if I have how do I identifty them to delete them or make workable? Help Steve
  9. stevebaze

    Scramled Play List when MP3

    When I burn AiFF files in Toast they stay in my PLay List order. When I burn the Play List as MP3 Toast shuffles them. Is there a way where I can retain my PLay List when burning to MP3? cheers Steve
  10. stevebaze

    Toast and washers

    When I burn a lot of songs I get eg: 383044 needed - 359849 available. - washers sausages, flying pigs? I don't know what is needed.I just know that I'm out of space on the disc. When I aired this on MacFormat one of the guys using Toast 5 said he gets mins and secs not sectors. - a very helpful and sensible bit of feedback that I could do with from Toast 7 Why can't I get plain language in mins and secs? Is there something in the prefs/tweaks where I can resolve this problem? cheers Steve PS: I can't use Safari to get into roxio.com Safari keeps on quiting so I have to use IE I've told Apple via thier quit prog.
  11. stevebaze

    Burning a Follow on CD

    Thanks tsantee However, I must say that it is a somewhat laborious workround for a V7.1 prog. But, a solution is a solution and I thank you for it. cheers Steve
  12. stevebaze

    Problems making Toast music DVD

  13. stevebaze

    Burning a Follow on CD

    How can I get Toast to burn the 56 tunes in sequence following on from CD 1 to CD2? Or, how can I establish the max number of tunes in the list that will go onto the first CD? cheers Steve eMac. iTunes 7, Toast 7
  14. stevebaze

    Can't Drag and Drop iPhoto Albums

    They suggest backing up the Library before rebuilding it, which creates an interesting Catch 22 for you. Possibly you could back it up by duplicating it on the hard drive, though. I backed up - with trepidation - and - It is interesting to note that the backup from Lacie (my old 160GB HD) to LaCie Disk (my new 300GB HD) showed 17000 items with a size of 16.98GB. Whereas iPhoto shows only 4879 items with a size of 3.2GB! Another interesting point: When I Exported iPhoto Library all the pictures were numbered consecutively 0002 to 5533 - what happened to 0001? And, 5533 - 4879 = 654. 654 plus one little mysteries! But then, it's all a mystery to me. I shall go for rebuild now then try for burn. The rate at which I'm chewing up DVDs (9 so far) I'll be able to make a chain mail overcoat. I don't get back to the post very quickly as I kid myself I have another life - still not mine but at the beck and call of the kids - Daaaad blah de blah de blah. When you DiY it's fatal. cheers and thanks for all your help - but yor're not off the hook yet. Is it possible to backup and get the Albums backed up as well? cheers Steve
  15. stevebaze

    Can't Drag and Drop iPhoto Albums

    I’ve been trying to backup my iPhoto Library without success. Initially I could not load the Library into T7. T7 crashed. Then I tried to drop Albums into T7 some dropped but others caused T7 to crash. In looking at the smallest file that caused T7 to crash I discovered some files that showed themselves only as grey rectangles above a certian size on screen. When I deleted these files the Album would drop into T7 without causing it to crash. I then inspected all the Albums that had been crashing and deleted all the grey squares. I then did the same in the iPhoto library. After eliminating all the grey squares all of the Albums as well as the Library dropped into T7 without causing it to crash. However, there must still be some files/pics that are indigestable for T7. In the course of trying to burn the lirary and Albums I received the following from T7: The Drive reported an error. Sense key = Hardware error. sense code = 0 x44 Internal Target failure. The Drive reported an error. Sense key = illegal request. sense code = 0 xx21, 0x02 Buffer underrun. New disc The Drive reported an error. Sense key = Medium error. sense code = 0 x73, 0x03 New disc The Drive reported an error. Sense key = Medium error. sense code = 0 x OC Write error. The Drive reported an error. Sense key = illegal request. sense code = 0 x21, 0x02 Buffer underrun. I’ve since burnt iTunes CDs - using iTunes and a Music DVD - using T7 to check that the burner is working OK. I assume that I have some files in iPhoto that T7 doesn’t like but what they are I don’t know. Any thoughts? I’m using Verbatum DVD-R 4.7 GB/120mins 8x cert I’ve got my new LaCie external HD but I don’t want to mount my HD or backup my pics to it till I’ve got hard copies on disc. Cheers Steve