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    Help! - popcorn will not work - "Mac OS Error 1634955892"

    I found those too. Not the same issue/not relevant. Thanks though. Thanks. Understood. However, after paying $89 Australian I don't want to only get half the use out of the software. Thinking of asking for a refund and staying with the PC solution. Am disappointed though.
  2. Can someone please help? I am a former PC user and have used Roxio Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 for years to make copies of DVDs that I make from TV recordings done to a Sony DVD recorder on DVD +RW Discs. The process I used there was; 1. Copy a TV program to a Blank DVD +RW Disc on a Sony DVD Recorder 2. Take that DVD disk and go to my Desktop PC 3. Start Roxio CD/DVD Creator 4. Insert the Master DVD +RW disc in Drive A and a Blank DVD -R Disc in Drive B 5. Copy the DVD +RW disc to the DVD -R disc 6. Works ever time! I have recently moved to a Mac Book and bought Popcorn 3 based on research and recommendation. I installed Popcorn 3 and did the following; 1. Copy a TV program to a Blank DVD +RW disc on a Sony DVD Recorder 2. Take that disk and go to my Macbook (standard configuration) 3. Start Popcorn 3 4. Insert the Master DVD +RW disc in the Mac Drive 5. Select "DVD Disc" option and press the red "record disc" button 6. When the read is complete it prompts me to insert a blank recordable disc 7. I insert a blank DVD -R disc 8. The Macbook tells me the following; Could not record the disc because of a Mac OS error Result code = 1634955892 9. Has now done this 4 times 10. Nothing works This is my first disappointment with a Mac and with Roxio. What is wrong? Have I wasted my money?