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    Activation and V9.1

    I tried the 9.1 download on my XP machine (for the MPEG-2 fix) as Roxio recommended that, but it kept telling me I did not have the right version of Roxio to install the update - this was a DOA in my book . . .
  2. KCB


    Tony, I was getting the same activation issue - invalid product key - and the MIA orange product key that you're supposed to type in to activate - I think you are stuck with the 'two-hour registry key cleanup' as someone else suggested - that fixed my problem. See my post titled MPEG-2 activation fix. This situation seems to be triggered by things like adding another DVD authoring tool after the Roxio install, or another DVD player tool, etc. In my situation, the Roxio product would'nt activate, but it was the Sonic Cine player that gummed up the works. I cannot believe that the first posts on this were back in May/June 2007, and Roxio has yet to post a patch or clear and precise solution to the problem - every post I've read says what customer support suggests is DOA. I was desperate, having done a clean install to fix the problem then loading some Ulead software which promply broke the Roxio software again. I figured if a clean install works, then there has to be something hanging around the system that was buggering up the works - turned out to be the Cine player leaves a bunch of crap in the registry that an unload and reload of Roxio cannot fix.
  3. Sorry - I'm just starting to get the hang of Windows XP . . . and it's giving me a headache . . .
  4. After trying all the suggestions from Roxio and users to fix the MPEG-2 activation error, I found the solution. As it turns out, the problem is not with Roxio software, it is the Sonic Cine Player. It cannot be resolved by simply uninstalling the Roxio software, or running endless registry cleaners (I used two 3rd party cleaners). After all the uninstalls and automated registry cleaners are done, I did the following (DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!!): 1) take a system restore point 2) Go to Windows/system32 and manually remove dll's with 'Sonic Solutions' company in the file label 3) Go to c:\Program Files\Common Files and delete folders 'Sonic Shared' and 'Roxio Shared' if present 4) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART Run a registry editor and look for 'sonic' (caseless) In my first scan there were over 100 HKCR (classes) with various Sonic license and MPEG registrations. I DELETED THEM ALL. Be careful though, cause my Intel motherboard has Sonic Focus keys, and Zone Alarm/Mail Frontier has Sonic Wall keys. I rebooted my machine, reinstalled Roxio Creator 9, rebooted again and Voila - I'm back in business. I would like to thank Roxio for the help . . . but I cannot . . . nothing I was asked to try worked . . . never-the-less, I am much relieved that I'm back in the game again . . . SHAME ON SONIC and their crappy uninstall . . .
  5. KCB

    Activation Patch

    Well, I guess the devil you have may be better than the devil you get - it looks like even competitors to Roxio have a lot of issues - from buggy software to - can anyone say 'activation issues'. After two weeks of rebuilding a clean disk, and getting Roxio working, I made the mistake of loading some Ulead software -- gues what - i'm an idiot - now I have the Roxio MPEG-2 issue again. Fortunately I have some interim backups before I loaded Ulead, but I really don't want to start down that path. Anyways, I'm going to try the 9.1 update, and perhaps Roxio Zap. I wish the consumer products in the CVD burning area would get some reliability and stability - - should w eblame all this on Bill Gates?????
  6. KCB


    My last conversation with Roxio support told me to disable my firewall - they seem to not understand that their activaion/re-activation process has a problem. I fixed this issue by installing a clean WinXP OS on another hard drive just so I could finish the project I'm on. It sounds ugly, but not as unplesant a trying to get activation issues resolved, one drop at a time.