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    My DVD's Audio editing

    When I get home, I will look at my computer and check what version I have. Either way, I will get the trial version as it won't hurt to try it out and see if the project can be transferred properly. Thanks, for all -- I will write back if I have any trouble!
  2. Talon One

    My DVD's Audio editing

    Thusfar, I have compliled the video, cut the scenes, and moved them into an order I like. In other words, its no longer the original rough footage, but an "edited" video file. What I hope is that,with this software you mentioned, I can simply import the finished video file and simply add a soundtrack I will be able to similarly edit (i.e. adjust volume during different scenes as well as cut songs before they end, as I mentioned above). As the software seems to incorporate MyDVD as well (if I understood correctly), then I assume this should not be a problem, but I just thought to ask. I guess what I'm afraid of (to put it a different way) is that I get the software, and the video file I've spent a few days working on is not able to be imported onto the new software in order to manipulate its audio. I don't want to have to import the raw footage and start over! Hope this clarifies what I mean! Thanks for all your help by the way!
  3. Talon One

    My DVD's Audio editing

    Thanks!!! I will try out option #2 as I DON'T want to re-edit the movie!!! I will post again if I have any other questions! Actually, I do have one more question. If I try the trial version of that software you suggested, will I have to re-edit the video? Or will it import the file to the new software without a problem?
  4. Talon One

    My DVD's Audio editing

    OK, so I have the non-upgraded version of My DVD and it doesn't allow me to edit audio files other than importing them and ordering them. I would like to be able to manipulate the length of the file as well as switch from the audio file to the video's own sound track. It's a home video with speeches that I want heard in between music background tracks. Will purchasing an upgrade (to presently version 9) allow me to do this? I usually use Microsoft's free Moviemaker and its great for both simple video/audio editing, only it does not burn onto DVD's so I am trying MyDVD. Any help would be appreciate!