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    No Permission Bad Installation

    I have tried just about everything in this forum to activate EMC 9. I have uninstalled, re-installed, even tried the disconnect modem but don't get a 25 digit product key, I get the message no permission bad installation when trying to activate the MPEG codec in My DVD. Consequently, I cannot use the Media Selector in disc copy because it doesn't "read" the TS_video file. I have now done a complete DEll PC Restore and started from scratch. Same problem. I have downloaded and ran the suggested patches, etc. Any suggestions?
  2. EAnton

    EMC 9 Disc Copier

    When using the "copy DVD movies" section, disc copier menu appears. When selecting an image (TS_video file), it cannot open the file to preview or burn. I have uninstalled and re-installed EMC 9 but it didn't help. Thanks for any assistance.