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  1. Hello. Last week I upgraded to EMC 10 from EMC 9 and like many of you, I experienced a lot of problems. Forgive me if I don't describe the problem well enough, but for the most part I was getting a lot of Vista popup Windows saying stuff like that there was a problem with RoxWatchtray (or something like that). Plus I couldn't get PhotoSuite working at all. I know a lot of people were having problems, because I (too) checked these boards for solution but no one really had any that worked. Well, after installing and re-installing (like 7 times, experimenting) I finally got it to work flawlessly....for now. The key to fixing my problems was the total UN-INSTALLATION of all Roxio/Sonic stuff on your computer. You probably followed the process as described in http://kb.roxio.com/content/kb/Creator/000127CR , BUT MAKE SURE YOU STOP THE ALL ROXIO AND SONIC SERVICES. What I found was that after I uninstalled every Roxio Folder on my Computer, it's Services were still running. So make sure those SERVICES are STOPPED or TURNED OFF. Also don't forget to check the AppData/Local/Temp folder as well. Make sure that there are no traces of Roxio in there as well. You might also want to download and install ccleaner to safely delete any Roxio/Sonic registry entries left over from uninstalling Roxio. One more time....make sure all the ROXIO/SONIC Services are stopped. You can get to the "Windows Services" by: 1.) Right-Clicking My Computer 2.) Services and Applications 3.) Services 4.) Stop everything that says Roxio and Sonic on it. Well Good Luck.