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  1. Rhino-Skin

    Win 7 Ultimate Recorded TV Container *.WTV

    Thanks for the heads up.
  2. Rhino-Skin

    Win 7 Ultimate Recorded TV Container *.WTV

    I was hoping Roxio would patch the 2010 package. Nero supports the new Recorded TV container without any os convert.
  3. When will this be supported in videowave?
  4. Rhino-Skin

    Blue Screen Of Death

    Thank you for your responses. I will try that.
  5. Rhino-Skin

    Blue Screen Of Death

    I thought I said in my post that there was no dicernable pattern (random). However, two times I was copying audio cd's to the audio book tool and the last time I was shutting down. The reason I thin k it is the roxio patch is that I have not installed anything else. Well, coming here was just a shot in the dark.
  6. Rhino-Skin

    Blue Screen Of Death

    Ever since I installed the Roxio April patch via automatic roxio updates for creator 2009 I am getting BSOD. I am not able to replicate the problem so it seems random at this point. Anyone else getting this problem? I will uninstall and reinstall with out the patch to test the system futher. HP HDX 18T 4 gig RAM 500 Gig HDD Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT Intel 2 DUO T9600 @2.8 Ghz Extreme processors X2
  7. Rhino-Skin


    It was set to to manual but running. Go figure. I disabled it and will see what happens tomorrow when I get how with editibale video from my weekly jaunt
  8. Rhino-Skin


    It starts in response to videowave. Therefore it is not in a startup list. I have the watch programs disabled at startup already.
  9. Rhino-Skin


    Why does the Roxmediadb10.exe need to take 80% of the resources while I am trying to edit my video. This makes the module I am working with very slow. Is there a way of stopping this from happening? The end result is non-fuctionalityof the video editing gui. seems dumb to have a backend (invisible) utility take up the valuable resources need to run the frontend program that it is responsible for.
  10. Rhino-Skin

    Info Requested: Runtime Error-Virtual Call- R6025

    I guess I am lucky. Two systems running 10 all modules installed all systems go. See specs below.
  11. Rhino-Skin

    Windows Media Player MPG Audio

    I had the same problem with EMC9 I had to download and install an ac3 codec. Now it WMP works fine with mpg files.
  12. 1. Received a program might not have installed right on the dotnetfx. no other issues to report. ** I know this is a problem solving forum but I thought i would post some positive info just to be different. Thanks for the emc9 uninstall/10 install notes Mr. John from Roxio
  13. Rhino-Skin

    No sound after Videowave output

    The problem is resolved when I installed a thrd party ac3 decoder.
  14. why do i get prompted for mpeg-2 codec activation everytime I start videowave. it activates alright but seems odd.
  15. Rhino-Skin

    mpeg-2 playback in WMP

    same problem here, I also use the tv/vcr setting. Thanks for the quality reassurance. I was not sure if it was the same. If I want to play the dvd presetting burn I use nero it has the ac3 sound capability. Hum, that codec did the trick, thanks mucho