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  1. AngelArs

    Can't Convert Videos

    Bought a new iPad and wanted to watch my videos on it. The first one converted fine, but now whenever I add a video the preview window pops up and I can't get past it (unless I click cancel). Is there a way to turn the preview window off? I'd like to just add the video and click on "Convert". Thanks.
  2. AngelArs

    Popcorn still screwed up

    That is just pure speculation on your part. No doubt everyone here can appreciate your disappointment, but to be fair they had to also worry about updating all of their other programs to make them compatible to work with 10.5. That's a lot of code to rewrite in a short amount of time. Having said that Roxio needs to do one of two things to remain a reputable software company; either stop making claims that their product can perform a function which it clearly (at this point) does not, or update the program to give it the functionality that they advertise it to have. Which brings us to your next quote... Could you be more specific about you mean by 'show info'? I think this would be helpful to Roxio. I looked at their main page and it does not say anything about displaying info. What it says it'll do is; "TiVoToGo support for the Mac lets you transfer shows from your TiVo DVR, watch on your Mac, burn to disc, or convert for playback on a portable device" Popcorn now does import the file into iTunes. Is it possible that you misunderstood what they meant in their description? Maybe it was never intended to do what you thought it would. Could you post where they claim that it will also display the shows 'info'? Hopefully now that all Roxio programs have been updated to work with Leopard they will be able to devote more time on areas like this and the audio sync issue.
  3. AngelArs

    Popcorn 3 won't compress my Video_TS folder...

    Are you saying that the only way that we can choose how much compression we want is to first turn the video_ts file into a disc image? This doesn't make sense. Obviously when a person chooses what kind of media they want to use (DVD or DL DVD) the program should take that into account when it calculates the amount of compression, right? But it's not doing that. It's always stuck at 'low compression'...
  4. AngelArs

    popcorn 3 on mac mini

    I don't understand, how are you using a mini without a monitor? That's not even good for the mini Popcorn is not Leopard compatible...
  5. AngelArs

    Popcorn 2 and 3 in Leopard (10.5 retail)

    Would be nice if Roxio was upfront about this and actually warned those with Leopard that Popcorn 3 is not compatible. I guess that would make too much sense
  6. AngelArs

    Right click menu 'Toast it' ?

    We're relatively new to all this. How would we hypothetically use this feature? Click on the image and then choose 'Toast it'? Does this do the same thing as Disc Utility > File > Mount?
  7. AngelArs

    Right click menu 'Toast it' ?

    Now that we've got Popcorn 3 up and running we have a new addition to our right click menu that says 'Toast it'. When we click on it - it does nothing. We tried looking for what it was for in the help menu but there is no mention of it. Our guess is it has something to do with the program Toast, but what is it supposed to be used for?
  8. AngelArs

    Popcorn 3 Wont Install

    Good to hear you got it installed Thanks for posting those commands, hopefully they can help someone else in the future
  9. AngelArs

    Popcorn 3 and Ripping DVD's

    ...just so you know, version 6 is easier to use than version 7...
  10. AngelArs

    Popcorn 3 Wont Install

    What's the size of the file? Should be 220MB.
  11. AngelArs

    5.1 Pass Through?

    Hi Sarah. Are you in the Preferences menu, because it sounds like you are in the TiVo section. Also I think the original video needs to be recorded in 5.1 for you to be able to select it, which may be why it's grayed out for you.
  12. AngelArs

    Popcorn 3: Are They Joking?

    Isn't that what the 'Fit to DVD' feature is for?
  13. AngelArs


    Does anyone know where in the user manual they talk about what "Simulation Mode" is? Doesn't seem to be anywhere in the help files either. Thanks.
  14. AngelArs

    Is Popcorn 3 total junk, or is it just me?

    Well I'll be testing it very thoroughly this week. I certainly hope that you're wrong Otherwise I'll be right behind you complaining Time will tell...
  15. AngelArs

    Is Popcorn 3 a beta release?

    Toast 8 had those same kinds of comments when it first came out. It's the nature of software. Give Roxio the benefit of the doubt and I'm sure they will correct these 'bugs' in due time They probably should have done more testing though, I'll agree with you there