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    Dazzle Locks Up Computer

    Consider yourself lucky. I love my family, but watching hour after hour of video taxes my love
  2. Mahimike

    Dazzle Locks Up Computer

    OK- I spent the day reading all of the posts w/problems for the Dazzle DVC90 on EMC9. It kept freezing up or locking up when I hit the capture button. Success!!! I removed the old drivers and installed XP driver at http://cdn.pinnaclesys.com/SupportFiles/Ha.../readmeHW10.htm Mike
  3. Mahimike

    Dazzle Locks Up Computer

    Thanks- I am still hunting the web site and collecting suggestions. I also have too much to do to spend this much time, but I don't have another way to get my VHS recordings saved before they are history. My next step is the web....
  4. Mahimike

    Dazzle Locks Up Computer

    Did you ever get it to work? I just started this weekend and had exactly the same issues, but I think I got a clean driver install on the second attempt
  5. Mahimike

    Activiation - "No permisson - Bad installation"

    James- my only point in mentioning the 30 apps I installed was that I didn't have problems w/them. They were what I had to reinstall since I did a clean install of windows, on a reformatted hard drive all for the EMC 9 problem solving. Don't know if I was clear before. So, that being said, are you recommending I reinstall again? I did that before and it forced me to a system restore since I wiped out something that was needed to operate the machine. That is why I went to the format and XP install, then EMC9 only and still had the problem Thank you for responding-Mike
  6. Mahimike

    Activiation - "No permisson - Bad installation"

    Bruce- I too am getting the "the following codec(s) must be activated before using this application... and 'bad installation" error for the MPEG-2 codec. I have a 13 month old Dell XPS w/4GB of memory (added to insure that wasn't the problem), a 2.79GHz processor, 400GB of spare hard drive space, I have been working on this for 4 weekends. It started because MyDVD froze up when starting the burn, so I followed the instructions to eliminate the OEM installed Sonic/Roxio apps, clean the registry and bluescreened the computer. Did the system restore and finally got the machine running, but still didn't have Roxio running. After a lot of handwringing, I finally committed to a fresh xp install, so I did a complete format and reinstall of xp and installed roxio as the first software and still got the same MPEG-2 errors. After 4 weekends, I am reluctant to start this process again. I have installed 30 other apps on the machine w/no problem, except this one. There has to be something simple that is being missed. How do we find out if the product is being repaired by Roxio? Ideas?