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  1. It is the "Highlight Reel" app that's doing it!! That's SO strange, I did not have this issue when I installed it last time....so strange. I did do a fresh download though, I should have kept the old install files!! Any ideas?? Or should I hit up Roxio support?
  2. I will check those other things now, I'm getting this error:
  3. Hey y'all, Just to be clear, I have installed NXT 8 once before and had no problems with it. I just built a new PC and am trying to get all my apps installed, and NXT 8 is giving me this weird issue with hard drive space, I have over half a terabyte of space on my new M.2 windows drive, and it looks like Roxio wants to use 41 terabytes?? It tells me there is not enough space to install, and I need to free up space, check this out: Any ideas on this one? lol...because I am at a loss....
  4. MysterC

    VideoWave audio distorts after splitting track

    I had this one time from mp3's I had purchased from Amazon. It's not a drm issue. When the project was produced the music sounded like it was being digitized/distorted, but when you played just the clip sample it worked fine, and sometimes it would happen in the middle of a song, not the entire track. One time I fixed it by opening the windows sound options (from the tray speaker icon) select <open sound settings> in the context menu \ then on the right "most" menu select Sound Control Panel \ click on your output/speakers, then click on configure, set whatever it is to stereo. (not heaphones, not 5.1 or 7.1, not spatial or any other enhancements, and make sure your audio "Default Format" in the <properties> isn't set too high, try like 24bit 48000hz at first and then lower it if needed) Changing the windows output to stereo doesn't seem to affect the final DVD, but then again I don't have a super sound system on my TV/DVD player so what do I know. The second time it happened I fixed with Cyberlink Power Director. Good luck!!
  5. Roger that, thanks Brendon, I just wanted to double check before taking the plunge, as soon as I gut this other system someone is taking it. thanks again man!!
  6. Hey y'all, got a new MoBo and cpu (9900k) and was just checking, do I have to uninstall Roxio to reject the license? OR do I just reinstall it on the new PC once I format the HDD and re-install windows? Some programs are like that and I can't remember how Roxio works with licensing. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to have it installed on only ONE PC at a time, not sure about re-registering though. thanks
  7. Humm, I don't remember, this just happened earlier this year. BUT, that's easy to try!! Thanks Brendon!!
  8. This has happened to me twice now, I am converting a mp4 of a Bad Company concert to DVD and even in the preview after about 3 songs the audio turns to utter crap, distorted and staticky. I have previewed the mp4 with Video Lan and it plays beautifully all the way through, BUT after putting it into my timeline the audio get messed up somehow. It also happened with some songs I bought from Amazon, I was burning some birthday picture slideshows with music (mp3) backgrounds and some songs played fine and some were just distorted beyond comprehension. BUT...BUT, I did something (and I can't remember what) and I was able to burn the DVD's and that one time everything worked as it should. Is this happening to anyone else?? what could be causing it? EVGA Z270 Classified K (Latest official BIOS) ; i7 7700k ; 32gig Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 ; EVGA 2080 RTX ; Creative Zx 5.1 Surround ; Windows 10 Pro 1903 ; LG 2560x1080 Ultrawide ; Samsung 1920x1080 (2nd monitor/extended Destop) ; EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 PSU ; 8 HDD's (High Quality Performance Drives) Fully updated all the newest drivers. PS: The concert is a video taken from YouTube so there are NO copywrites or protections. And I am converting it for myself.
  9. MysterC

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    I had this same problem but I figured it out. SO, If you are still having that issue, and are referring to the MultiCam Capture it works, I just tried it. To record your screen make sure you use these settings: Main Tab: Audio Source: Corel Audio Recorder Advanced Tab: Encode: MJPEG Frame rate: 30 Latency (ms): 60 Your webcam (if your using 2 sources and one of them is a webcam) may be different. It saved both my webcam and my desktop recordings instantly. Even saved project files. If you want I can make a video how to do it, BUT it will have to be on a day that I'm dressed properly...lol it actually works pretty good.
  10. MysterC

    Roxio Burn Launcher, can it be disabled?

    Thanks Brendon, I'll do that. I'm just going to test and see how it works out, ever since I got the windows 10 1803 update it seems as if it's using a lot more resources than before. I think I may need to reinstall the creator in the end, but I want to try this first. Thanks again sir.
  11. Hey y 'all, can I disable "Roxio burn launcher" without hurting anything? Is it just part of the desktop gadget or is it a needed process? I don't use the desktop gadget and it seems that Roxio burn launcher is always running. thanks
  12. MysterC

    Screen Recorder error

    Turning the system audio input to Stereo from 5.1 solved the problem. thanks Sknis
  13. Hey y'all, I just installed NXT 6 and was going to try out the screen recorder and it won't start, as it counts down to record it gives an error: Prepare Record Failed!!! #0 any ideas? I am running it as administrator windows 10 Pro 64 bit Latest updates EVGA Z270 Classified K ; i7 7700k ; 16gig Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 ; EVGA 1080GTX SC ACX ; Creative Zx ; Hauppauge WinTV HVR 2250 ; 9 everyday SATA HDD's ; EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 ; 2 ASUS 1080p monitors ; Windows 10 pro ; CoolerMaster Liquid CPU coler
  14. MysterC

    Installing an upgrade

    Thanks man!! I will run a back up first JIC.
  15. MysterC

    Installing an upgrade

    NXT Pro 2, it doesn't work perfectly with windows 10 though, have had it crash a few times. Yeah I have been reading about some of the things about video wave and have been avoiding the upgrade, but I'm also using Cyber link, Adobe apps and those have some features that video wave doesn't, I'm going to give the version 6 a try though I really like the music and photo apps, I am also highly interested in the Paint shop pro v9. Any ideas on installing the upgrade? thanks cdanteek