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  1. Hey y'all, got a new MoBo and cpu (9900k) and was just checking, do I have to uninstall Roxio to reject the license? OR do I just reinstall it on the new PC once I format the HDD and re-install windows? Some programs are like that and I can't remember how Roxio works with licensing. I'm pretty sure you are supposed to have it installed on only ONE PC at a time, not sure about re-registering though. thanks
  2. Roger that, thanks Brendon, I just wanted to double check before taking the plunge, as soon as I gut this other system someone is taking it. thanks again man!!
  3. This has happened to me twice now, I am converting a mp4 of a Bad Company concert to DVD and even in the preview after about 3 songs the audio turns to utter crap, distorted and staticky. I have previewed the mp4 with Video Lan and it plays beautifully all the way through, BUT after putting it into my timeline the audio get messed up somehow. It also happened with some songs I bought from Amazon, I was burning some birthday picture slideshows with music (mp3) backgrounds and some songs played fine and some were just distorted beyond comprehension. BUT...BUT, I did something (and I can't remember what) and I was able to burn the DVD's and that one time everything worked as it should. Is this happening to anyone else?? what could be causing it? EVGA Z270 Classified K (Latest official BIOS) ; i7 7700k ; 32gig Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 ; EVGA 2080 RTX ; Creative Zx 5.1 Surround ; Windows 10 Pro 1903 ; LG 2560x1080 Ultrawide ; Samsung 1920x1080 (2nd monitor/extended Destop) ; EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 PSU ; 8 HDD's (High Quality Performance Drives) Fully updated all the newest drivers. PS: The concert is a video taken from YouTube so there are NO copywrites or protections. And I am converting it for myself.
  4. Humm, I don't remember, this just happened earlier this year. BUT, that's easy to try!! Thanks Brendon!!
  5. Hey y'all, I just installed NXT 6 and was going to try out the screen recorder and it won't start, as it counts down to record it gives an error: Prepare Record Failed!!! #0 any ideas? I am running it as administrator windows 10 Pro 64 bit Latest updates EVGA Z270 Classified K ; i7 7700k ; 16gig Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 ; EVGA 1080GTX SC ACX ; Creative Zx ; Hauppauge WinTV HVR 2250 ; 9 everyday SATA HDD's ; EVGA Supernova 1200 P2 ; 2 ASUS 1080p monitors ; Windows 10 pro ; CoolerMaster Liquid CPU coler
  6. MysterC

    ROXIO NXT 7 ...Anyone?

    I had this same problem but I figured it out. SO, If you are still having that issue, and are referring to the MultiCam Capture it works, I just tried it. To record your screen make sure you use these settings: Main Tab: Audio Source: Corel Audio Recorder Advanced Tab: Encode: MJPEG Frame rate: 30 Latency (ms): 60 Your webcam (if your using 2 sources and one of them is a webcam) may be different. It saved both my webcam and my desktop recordings instantly. Even saved project files. If you want I can make a video how to do it, BUT it will have to be on a day that I'm dressed properly...lol it actually works pretty good.
  7. Hey y 'all, can I disable "Roxio burn launcher" without hurting anything? Is it just part of the desktop gadget or is it a needed process? I don't use the desktop gadget and it seems that Roxio burn launcher is always running. thanks
  8. MysterC

    Roxio Burn Launcher, can it be disabled?

    Thanks Brendon, I'll do that. I'm just going to test and see how it works out, ever since I got the windows 10 1803 update it seems as if it's using a lot more resources than before. I think I may need to reinstall the creator in the end, but I want to try this first. Thanks again sir.
  9. MysterC

    Screen Recorder error

    Turning the system audio input to Stereo from 5.1 solved the problem. thanks Sknis
  10. MysterC

    Installing an upgrade

    Thanks man!! I will run a back up first JIC.
  11. Hey y'all I have a quick question, Going to NXT 6. It's been awhile since I've upgraded NXT versions and I can't remember the proper process to verify the upgrade, do I uninstall the old version first? And if so how does it verify that I am upgrading? Old key? Some other products I have I just run the installer and it removes the old version installs the new version yada yada, but I'm not sure about Roxio, that's why I'm confused. thanks
  12. MysterC

    Installing an upgrade

    NXT Pro 2, it doesn't work perfectly with windows 10 though, have had it crash a few times. Yeah I have been reading about some of the things about video wave and have been avoiding the upgrade, but I'm also using Cyber link, Adobe apps and those have some features that video wave doesn't, I'm going to give the version 6 a try though I really like the music and photo apps, I am also highly interested in the Paint shop pro v9. Any ideas on installing the upgrade? thanks cdanteek
  13. MysterC

    "videowave Has Stopped Working"

    lol yikes, I don't want to get in the way here but a VERY simple way to grab ANY part or any section of anywhere on any screen, even on mulitple monitors, is to use Snipping Tool. It's available in win7 8 and 10 and can save in several formats AND is editable with it's included marking pen. Find it in windows accessories and attach it to your taskbar. like this ok, getting back out of the line of fire now.
  14. Hello everyone, I have recently upgrade to windows 8.1 pro and am reinstalling ALL of my software. I am having ONE issue though, the HDR express that came with my "Creator NXT Pro 2" says I have no activations left, and as far as I can tell there is no way to contact Roxio support without paying....for support. So I came here to ask the pros, Is there a trick to getting HDR express to register at this point? I has been a year since I last installed HDR, it's not like I do reinstalls every few months.What ever happened to keys resetting after 6 months or so?? Thanks for any help or guidance guys, RC PS: Howdy Jim!! [man wha I up with thses forums? if I n't go back and dit ever third wrd al my sentences look like tis ] <---Like This lol
  15. Howdy Jim!! How y’all been man. You know I should have remembered about the forums from the last time I was here, I downloaded FF tonight and it is a much better option for these forums. And thanks for the reply man! PS: you never used HDR E?? man that program is a hoot!! And thank you d_Dewey for your reply and lead on Rox-Ralf, I’ll look into contacting him if anything like this happens again. I did get it solved tonight, but let me tell you what happened in case anyone else needs to do this. At first I went to the site and checked my account (if you register HDR make an account at “Unified Color”) and made sure my serial was registered, and it was, then I tried to contact the UC (HDR) support, and even though it said the automated support ticket went through I never got an automated email response like it said I would, and that’s when I came here. (You can notice from my snipit there is only a link to the web support system on that app, NOT to an actual person) BUT this morning after poking around for awhile I finally found a support email address on the UC site and sent out an email explaining my problem and tonight a fine gent named Al hit me back and said he was resetting my keys!! I was worried there at first because the automated support system, for some reason, never did contact my email and thought it just asn't goping to work for me. (this has happened before on other sites, not sure why) So, if anyone can’t find that support email let me know through PM and I’ll hook ya up. thanks again guys!! I'm off to do some more installing almost done!
  16. Got it!! Thanks for all the help and suggestions cdanteek and JIm H, This should help a lot until this gets sorted out. Until then I may just download Fire Fox to use this forum though, it is really giving me fits. lol
  17. Yeah I know I usually do that, however for some reason I am unable to attach anything, I can barely type in this forum as most of my words are incomplete and I have to go back and retype most all them. It must be something t do with IE 11 because I can't use the link or image settings, the window pops up but are un-clickable for me. sorry about that
  18. Here is the SS of the drop down menu that I use for selecting media folders: it snaps shut as soon as refreshes 1 maybe 2 seconds, IF you right click into another folder very quickly you can then hold right click and "sometimes" move to another drive folder. I have been using Video Wave all morning and afternoon today, and that refresh your showing in your video seems to be the direct cause of the problem, I just tried to save a project and I could not move the tree list to my desired save location as it refreshed back to "my documents" every time I tried to move the tree.
  19. I want to be careful here because I certainly do not want to steal this thread or step on Kruginatos main points, but in the spirit of trying to get this sorted out for all who may be affected: Actually cdanteek, that seems similar but I have a drop down menu, and when it tries to drop down to view the folders the menu snaps closed just as it refreshes (very similar to what your showing there) making it nearly impossible to select ANY folder in the root tree. I tried to make a FRAPS video but the windows 8.1 desktop is not supported by FRAPS yet as the windows 7 aero was. (How did you make that video if I may ask) Again to want to apologize to Kruginato for jumping ion here as I don't want to muddy his original thoughts as he makes some very valid points, if it would be better for me to make my own thread please just let me know.
  20. I am having the same exact issue, my videos folder is on one of my 4 HDD's and it's almost impossible to get to with the menu tree refreshing prematurely. Krug, What I did was to quickly switch to any other folder with the usual left click before the menu refreshes/closes and then open the menu again and then "right click" in the tree menu which seems to temp stop it from refreshing, this is not a perfect work around (and doesn't work every time) but I helps you be able to get to your working videos folder which you then can easily manipulate through the working folders window. I also am using windows 8.1 Pro PS: I will try to make a video of the issue occurring and upload it to YouTube and post it here (in my own thread) and send it to support for review.
  21. I scanned through this thread, looked at the comparison list sticky and searched the entire forum from the search box for "windows 8", so if this has been answered I apologize in advance BUT I did try to find an answer to my question. Question, I am very happy with Creator 2012pro but I would like to try to upgrade to windows 8, is there going to be any problems with compatibility? In other words, I don’t care about the desktop icon thing but I still want to be able to edit movies and make photo video projects and burn discs, will most if not all of this stuff still work? Thanks and again, I’m sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I am going through all of my software bit by bit to make sure that I can upgrade safely.
  22. Thanks for the reply Frank, I'm still kicking the idea around right now, I have a ton of programs installed and I would prefer to do an in place update. But if you got it to install what I might do is uninstall a few of my better programs like Creator, then upgrade and then reinstall the programs. This might help solve any issues that may arise from just updating the os. But I have till Jan 31st before the special offer goes away and I may still just pick it up and drop it on DVD untill I can figure out my best options. Thanks again for your reply, it is very encouraging.
  23. Thanks for the link Ogdens, it appears that Creator 2012 is not listed as compatible but neither is lt listed as not compatible. ok I'll just consider that a no and make my decision. I just may put off Windows 8 for 6 months or so as this seems to be the way of many products. Or I may buy the $39.99 special offer version and hold off on the installation. thanks for the link and taking the time Ogdens.
  24. Im getting this error whenever I try to share video to YouTube, the Facebook sharing tool does not do this. I used this a few weeks back and it workd fine. Any Ideas? thanks