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    No drive detected in EMC9

    That fixed the problem, thank you!!
  2. New_Years_Baby

    No drive detected in EMC9

    I have used the software since I bought my comp. in late 2007, and it worked fine until now (I haven;'t burned any cds in awhile, so I just noticed it now.) I went to the device manager, and there's a yellow triangle with an exclamation point shown under cd/DVD devices...and nope, there's no CD?DVD drive shown when I click on my computer. I'm not sure of the model number The audio and data applications say it can't detect a drive I did that, then I opened eas media creator 9, and it still says there's no drive detected
  3. New_Years_Baby

    No drive detected in EMC9

    Hello, I have Easy Media Creator 9. I'm trying to burn a data disc, but I can't, because it says there's no drive detected. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem? thanks.
  4. New_Years_Baby

    Error About Blank Disc

    I'm trying to burn a data cd, and I insterted a blank disc, and it's telling me there's an error and to please insert a blank disc...I click ok again and again, but it's still giving me the same message...what can I do? it was working for me before with no problems. The only thing I can think of is, my brother installed 2 other DVD-type programs a couple days ago, and it worked before he installed those, and now it's not, so could that be the problem? I'm not sure...help!
  5. New_Years_Baby

    Trying to backup

    Do you think refurbished computers are ok to get? ummm...almost as/or the next best thing as a new one? I know Dell sells refurbished computers...my computer is a Dell, so I'd like to stick with a Dell. Not that I'm getting a new/refurbished comp. right now, but later on...whenever. Another thing...I've heard bad things about Vista...is it really as bad as I've heard? I mean, it can't be that impossible to learn can it? lol...I have XP on my comp...and I've also heard XP is still better/easier than Vista...true?
  6. New_Years_Baby

    Trying to backup

    Thanks for the info. See, I asked the question about the fan(s) noise at my local computer place...they said to replace the fan (didn't say which fan) and it would cost $80...but the thing is, my computer is 6 years old, and they advised not even to bother sticking money into a computer that's only probably worth $50-75. If this computer goes shot (which, I hope it doesn't yet!!!) then I think i'm better off buying a brand new computer (wouldn't you? j/w.) I'd rather have a computer with a flat panel monitor (instead of a big clunky CRT) and one with much larger RAM and HD (this computer only has 128 MB of RAM and 40 GB HD lmao...well, it is 6 years old ) But for now, (and until I can afford a new computer) I hope this one lasts for a while. *crosses fingers*
  7. New_Years_Baby

    Trying to backup

    Yes! that worked! thanks
  8. New_Years_Baby

    Trying to backup

    Hello, I'm trying to backup stuff on my computer using the data cd project described in this article: http://www.udel.edu/topics/backups/roxio.html I have all the stuff ready I want to backup, and I click record, and a box pops up saying something about a compatibility issue and some filepaths not being large enough, and do you want to continue or cancel, so I clicked cancel...now what? oh yeah, and the other day I tried making another data cd (it would have had both pictures and videos on it) and the same thing happened, except that time I clicked continue. It burned the cd, but nothing works on it...pictures don't show up, and videos don't play. What do I do now? I asked some questions at the Dell Forums (my computer's a Dell) because the fan/or harddrive on my computer sometimes makes a loud buzzing/humming noise and was told to start backing up things cause it could be going shot. I was given a few links to check out on how to backup your harddrive ect. and I chose to use the Roxio data cd way instead of formatting a cd and doing a backup the Windows way. I really need to do a backup on my computer. What can I do to fix this?!