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    How To Copy A Cd With One Disc Burner?

    I hope I am understanding you correctly. In Toast there is a tab that says "copy". Insert the cd or dvd that you want to copy and hit the record button. It's not essentially recording just copying the media, once that is done it will prompt your cd tray to eject. Then you put in the blank cd/dvd in and it will continue on and duplicate the files onto the blank inserted cd/dvd. Note that if you are doing a number of burns of the same dvd/cd make sure you input into the dialog box that comes up the exact number of copies you need.
  2. garagona

    Mytv.pvr And Toast 7

    it seems that I have been reading about this audio out of sync with video almost everywhere...hot topic. bear in mind i am not a techie but i think logically. have you ever heard of ffMpegX ? its an encoding software that people on discussion forums have used also when mpeg streamclip doesn't do the job....its shareware. you can research that for a bit if anything the forums say make sense. regarding the Apple QT mpeg component playback....prior to loading the QT patch, Mpeg streamclip actually gave an alert that the patch would be needed to do anything with my mpg2. Once the patch was loaded, Mpeg Streamclip was able to view the file, including Quicktime....hence i knew that the patch loaded correctly. so the steps were...1)loaded qt patch, 2) opened mpeg streamclip, 3) resampled to 48khz, 4) save as disc image in toast with encoding option set to never, toast 'encodes and writes'. Regarding any settings on the mpeg streamclip file, all i did was check the resample audio to 48 khz. i am not familiar with tivo i hope that maybe ffMpegX does the trick. if I get any new info though I will check back.
  3. garagona

    Audio/video Sync Frustration

    I don't know if this will help but I have had a similar prob. with video mpg2, video not syncing with audio. Following some great advice from Tsantee, the orig encoded mpg2 had audio at 44khz, Toast recognizing only 48 khz. Toast will burn file but will not be able to sync up the audio when it muxes the file. The orig file needed to be resampled, in my case I used Mpeg Stream clip by Squared 5 (free) and apple's mpeg playback component. Exported the file as a DV file, with a resample to 48 khz....toast burns new dv file, and now the video syncs up with the audio. Note that here, in my case, Toast encoded the file instead of multiplexing of which I have set to 'never encode'. It may sound like apples to oranges but its a similar concept and may offer a new path to help you find some software so resample the audio. (Maybe? I hope, since I understand your frustrations, it took me two weeks to resolve my issue) Check out the discussion thread in Forum Toast 7, "My TV.PVR and Audio" that may offer some kind of spark or added insight. also I have never heard of the file that you are describing but maybe Mpeg Streamclip can help? Squared 5 (I hope I added the above link alright, bear in mind I am a Newbie!) eek wrong url....dropped the 'l' ... here it is! Squared 5, Mpeg Streamclip
  4. garagona

    Mytv.pvr And Toast 7

    DRUM ROLL PLEASE.....Trumpet Revelry? I need confetti!!! I am now doing the Snoopy Dance!!!!! Thank u, Tsantee for your indepth answers and actually helping with the research. Your hints were like popcorn trails that Hansel and Gretel followed to try and get home. I am HOME! Putting together all of your hints and last nights greatest boon, the audio encoding at 44.1 khz hint, was what I needed to plant the seed and bring together all the software and research that I had accumulated to solve the problem. And this is how I resolved the problem: Downloading Mpeg Streamclip by Squared 5 (conversion software, freebie) alerted me to the fact that I needed Apple's Quicktime Mpeg Playback Component. Downloading that little patch from Apple (for $20), Mpeg Streamclip was able to view the mpeg created from MyTV PVR. From there I tried several conversions till I finally went to "Export Mpeg to DV". In the options box there was a box that could be checked, "Resample audio to 48 khz". !!!!! (hence the helpful hint from your 'guru-ness'). Resulting in a dv file that I could Save as Disc Image in Toast. Voíla! DVD player was able to view the file, video MATCHING audio sync perfectly. !!!!!!!!! NOTE THAT now I am also able to use the file in IMovie (using fine tuning options in Mpeg StreamClip) and I can edit and add affects. I can now, finally, transfer all my Hi8 tapes to DVD. Thank you Thank you Thank you......I now in hindsight wish that i had changed the subject matter to "video will not match audio sync" since the valuable info here would help give others some new insight and avenues to similar issues. Just an added note, since downloading apple's patch, Quicktime can now read the encoded TV PVR mpeg. Also note that DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro have this particular patch already included....software that I do not have but learned about thru my intensive research. THANK YOU AGAIN! There is a true reason you are listed as a Digital Guru....hmmmm.....Tsantee as a new mantra? : )
  5. garagona

    Mytv.pvr And Toast 7

    okay u must be psychic....the audio goes out of sync over time. Unfortunately the export to aiff is not an option, since I don't see it as an avail. option. I am playing with the audio delay on mytv.pvr and see where that will take me. or else i will just call the company and ream them for selling such a faulty product.
  6. garagona

    Mytv.pvr And Toast 7

    First of all, I am learning alot about toast just thru the few answers that you have provided. I have been testing several settings but the audio is still off by a few seconds. Toast reads the file as : Video- Mpg2, 720x480, 29.97 fps .... Audio - Mpg1, 48000 hz I noticed that Save as Disc Image has diff. options and I have been experimenting with those. Since the audio lags behind by 2 seconds, I am thinking that the muxing (hehe used new word) is off. Is there a setting that you suggest that would bring the audio track to match the video judging from the info listed above. Thank u for your kind attention ... and thank goodness for this forum I learn alot from it daily....and leads me to investigate the many sides to Toast than just a mere burning software.
  7. garagona

    Mytv.pvr And Toast 7

    thanks again so much for your reply. Presently I am using Quicktime 7.0.3 and yes when the burns starts, it encodes not multiplexing. When I view the file in toast it says "mpeg 2, muxed", for quicktime files it says "mpeg 1, muxed" i am using toast 7. (Mac OSX 10.3.9) Mac G4. Thank you for explaining what muxed means, it helps alot.
  8. garagona

    Mytv.pvr And Toast 7

    Ok, so Tsantee, thanks for the quick response. Yes I have called their tech support and I think I gave them a new food for thought....got alot of "hmmmm....interesting" O and "I hear that Toast does that". But any real answers....ummmm, No. I know that Toast does the encoding I assume since I see that it goes thru that step first. VLC can view the captured MPEG correctly, but the DVD player does not. For egc, Quicktime format is low grade quality and the audio does not match at all. Live TV which seems to be a mpeg 2 format (720 x ...), quality is much better but the audio is off by two seconds. I am not presently in front of my computer to see how toast "describes" the file. Quicktime version and Toast version also unknown for same reason.....will check that out later. I did get one bit of info out of tech support that went over my head though...something about Demuxing....and I just faded out. O and they did say that I should switch usb ports....but I think that what just too silly of an answer.
  9. garagona

    Mytv.pvr And Toast 7

    MyTv.PVR allows analog to digital conversion to Mpeg2 formats. When burning the recorded video from my desktop, upon playback on a dvd player the audio does not match video. However the video and audio will match when playing through VLC from my desktop. I can only figure that the burn is not encoding correctly? Is there a way to resolve this issue? Is there something I should do with the original desktop file so that Toast can burn the file with video matching the audio track? Thanks for any help....i have been troubleshooting for three days now.