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    Toast 8 can´t burn DVD's on a LG GSA-H55N?

    Hi Gaper1, I've been out of office, sorry for take so much time to reply. In order to your question it never appear a error, it start's with preparing then goes to Lead-In and then it freezes when start to write, other times it writes but do it in 2 hours or more. When it writes the DVD becames unreadable. Best regards, CRF
  2. Hi, My system is OS X 10.4.10 I use Toast 8.0.1 to write my CD's and DVD's, but with my new rewriter LG GSA-H55N I can't write DVD's or sometimes it takes an eternity to burn, however I can burn CD's with no problem. Somethings that I allready try it: Write DVD's with the system burn folder and I don´t have any problem; Install Patchburn 4; Update rewriter's firmware 1.00 to 1.02. I think the problem is that Toast isn't compatible with my rewriter! If anybody have other sugestions I will appreciate. Thanks, CRF