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    Popcorn 3: Are They Joking?

    I'm having this exact same problem, and frankly not understanding what the issue is. It doesn't say that my audio is uncompressed PCM, it says it's Dolby Digital 5.1. The original DVD had under 8 GB of data, and I'm trying to compress it to a 4.7 GB single layer. Anyone have any suggestions? I may be needing to take advantage of the refund here...
  2. Okay, so I used a 3rd party program to rip a DVD into a Video TS folder. The options say that "Fit-To-DVD" compression is on, but when I go to burn to the disc (A 4.7 GB DVD-R), it won't even start. Brings up a message that says "The video file is too large blah blah blah." Do I need to do something special to activate the compression?