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  1. Digital Guru: Not. I only make BlueRays and the first 15 attempts was to burn a BlueRay (like all my previous BlueRays). With the advice of the OTHER Digital Guru in Red Shirt, i was told to first make an ISO file and then find somebody's BlueRay transfer software to move it from HD to BlueRay. I suspect myDVD is all screwed up and only made 1/3 my BlueRay --- probably the first menu page of movies. Has anyone tried to make a VIRTUAL BlueRay to then look at an ISO file and see what the heck myDVD created. I find TOXIO myDVD does OK for puny DVD's but does so very poorly wne it comes to BlueRay compilations. I was also told the newer versions are no better and ROXIO has NOT fixed the known faults that I am experiencing..... Frustrated Photographer.
  2. Why would myDVD create an ISO file of 8.8 GB and yet report that 20 of 25 GB is used on my project if I directly burn the project to BleuRay Disk ? IS the ISO file corrupt ? Or is the ISO file that much MORE compact than the disk space requirements when burned to Blue Ray ??????? Thanks for any insights.
  3. All those ROXIO GURUS: I followed your recipe and I have to report another ROXIO Disaster. I successfully created a file.ISO 8.70 GB (9,349,890,048 bytes) Strange that is is sooo small as the myDVD claimed that 20 GB of the 25 GB would be used. maybe ISO is more compact. So I tried the program ROXIO Creator: ROXIO Burn_Disk_Image also for Blue Ray BD-R and the results was a Burn Failure of the Blue Ray. DOn't tell me my BlueRay hardware has a problem because I just this weekend burnt a different project made in 2012. I suspect ROXIO can not properly handle the ISO for Blue Ray. Yes, I have burned ISO to the puny 5 GB DVD's but this first attempt was a $5. failure ($5. for each BlueRay ruined by Roxio). I looked at the BlueRay and it did set down timing marks for the first track and then <<<Crash>>>. Burning ISO to high density Blue Ray is tricky. To be totally safe, I told ROXIO to burn at the slower 2X speed instead of the 4X speed of nominal BD-R disks. This whole ROXIO thing is very frustrating expecially when you tell me that the original <<CRASHES>> are a ROXIO FAULT that they have not fixed and that this software BUG is even in the newer version. What to do next ???? I might try my NERO with ISO transfer IF you can tell me why the binary ISO of 8.7 GB is soo small ? Thanks Guys.
  4. Digital Guru: Have plenty of Hard Disk SPACE - 3 drives of 2 TB available. I will try the ~ 20 GB ISO file creation and see "IF" it actually can be transferred successfully onto the 25 GB Verbatim BD-R You also indicate that additional files have to be written to the BlueRay during the ISO transfer. And what do you recommend for the program that reliably transfers the ISO file and "its file structure" to my BlueRay ? I have had no problems transferring ISO to the small 5 GB DVD's but 25 GB BlueRays are much different. You probably recommend the ROXIO Burn_Disk_Image also for Blue Ray BD-R ? Tx
  5. ROXIO can not handle photos that are large quality pictures. Check if you have >5 MByte JPG. most good cameras produce 6-10 Mbytes but ROXIO has problems. Reduce your picture sizes to 1920 wide and ROXIO will thereafter be happy.
  6. Monday Update. That reinstall of VideoWave with REPAIR turns out to be a bust. VideWave again crashes 50% of the time when I try to bring in music. My go around is to first save everything BEFORE trying to add a music track. Exit VideoWave completely and restart the project. Then immediately try to bring in the music track...... If it doesn't <<Crash>> then immediately save the project and exit. then restart the project and work on that project. Maybe Roxio VideoWave has problems with big files..... my compilations are usually 5.5 GBytes. My many FaceBook fans say I should try NERO for a more stable platform.... i will research if they offer HD BlueRay ?
  7. The above Screen capture called "DJ's SB Galleries" is a BlueRay <<SUCCESSFUL>> compilation AND Burn with 15 Buttons (Words for Buttons). I have ALWAYS been SUCCESSFUL when I create a BlueRay of nominally 20 GB by keeping ALL the files and buttons on the first page. ROXIO BlueRays seem to constantly screw up whan I have muiltiple pages of 4 movies per page......why I don't know. the start of all these problems is when I created multiple pages of menu items. ROXIO has been a super pain in thebutt the last few years ever since I started only HD productions..... i am looking for another brand of software until these problems of 100% successful compile and then no burn because of WRITE FORMAT errors. Why don't I start Blue Ray with ISO ? Yikes another 20 GB file for my PC Hard Drive..... How successful will I be transferring 20 GB to my Verbatim Blue Ray ??? More Beta debugging !
  8. Thanks Digital Guru ! But I did read your beautiful picture link. The AVCHD confused me as I never create DVD's and only BlueRays as mentioned previously using Verbatim BD-R. My 99% success in the past was to always select for the movies as Purpose: BLUE_RAY Authoring Video Quality: Blue_Ray-HQ ( file.MPG) Often my bigger files are 5 GB each. Each file playe perfect on the PC at 1080p. I have started to wonder if the final two Folders you referenced is because ROXIO can NOT handle my nice elequent 2 PAGE file structure....Each page calls 10 files. What is the MOST number of file folders myDVD allows on a single page ? I think it is 15 as shown in the attachment that has 15 seperate movies/slide shows. I think ROXIO has some internal HIDDEN agenda that prevents more and thus caused the WRITE FORMAT Error ???? Just my opinion or Guess ?? Problem debugging is that it takes 8 hours to get to teh 100% done and <<<<CRASH>>> because ROXIO can not to the WRITE FORMAT. FRUSTRATING...... If only ROXIO would add more debugging descriptors of why its software <<<CRASHES>>> Thanks anyone for more feedback :-)
  9. ? Your response confuses me ? I use only Verbatim BD-R Blue Ray 4x speed and I do NOT use any AVCHD so I don't know what you are recommending. I have dozens of Verbatin BD-R successfully created. Do you really recommend a 19 GB ISO ? What is the error mean: Error while Writing Format ? I think everything was 99.9% done as you can see in the screen capture. When you say Roxio can't seem to FIX it ..... ? What are you saying ??? Thanks for additional info and what I should do next ? Dennis
  10. Jim: In a prior post, I had the VideoWave <<CRASH>> when adding an audio track Audio. I did your recommended REPAIR option from the original software and it apparently fixed the problem when creating a VideoWave sound track on the SlideShow. So i now have all these files that play individually fine on the computer. But when i use myDVD to burn the BlueRay, I get this strange final complaint.
  11. Screen capture shown. Why did the final Burn not initiate. i don't know. What does the error statement mean ?
  12. OK. Yes, I always use VideoWave and created 10 seperate files. I only use BlueRay BD-R and most projects burn successfully to BlueRay. In this case, I get the Burn process to hang up eventhough I have myDVD do a CHECK of the final setup and it says everything is OK. The final project uses 19 of the 24 GB available space. Reran again and it did finally give this statement after doing everything 100% successfully. Project_BuildToDevice() AuthorScript call Failed. Error While Writing Format. Nothing was burned to the Blue Ray.
  13. MyDVD2012 FAILS and hangs at 80% of BlueRay creation and NO messages. Other BlueRay compilations do burn OK so it is not the burner. MyDVD simply "Locks Up" at 80% completion. It always locks at "Writting Format" It is a big project with 20 Gb to be burned. But with Zero information as to the problem, it seems hopeless to debug. I have tried a Reinstall of softeare and nothing different. i suspect it is something in the layout of the project ?????? Any advice appreciated. Thanks .... Dj
  14. OK. It doesn't matter what Music mp3 file. I can not get to the point of moving the Mouse to the specific Music file I want to add. Often the first directory that comes up is the wrong one, so i choose a different directory and <<<BAM>>> VideoWave Crashes. If I try the same procedure again and again with VideoWave, then 1 of 10 times it does not crash and the music file is brought in without crashing the system. I have other SLIDESHOW creating Software that does not do this problem, but I like VideoWave -- if only getting 1 of 10 times to work. So I will UNinstall and reinstall all of ROXIO -- what a "pain" software is ! One wastes hundreds of hours on these crash/bugs. Thanks much for your suggestion.
  15. VideoWave crashes on an Intel i7 processor 9 pf 10 times when i bring in a Music file. The crash occurs EVERY time I move the cursor into the window showing the files to choose. I have tried bringing in the music with only one picture or 200 pictures. It crashes repeatedly. I have this problem for last 2 years. It 1 of 10 time does not crash. The Intel i7 Gateway works 100% perfect except for this Roxio VideoWave product. Is there anything I can do ? Dennis