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  1. When, I try to trim a video clip (VTS File) in Video copy and convert, video compilation, the preview video screen is black, DIVX or AVI works fine any ideas?
  2. This worked for me. I did not have any issues with Version 9. 1. Create your project in MyDVD with multiple titles. 2. For each title, right-click on the movie (the movie loaded on the preview screen in MyDVD) and select the Show settings option. 3. Select on the Starts at pull-down list and re-select Chapter 1 on each movie added to the screen. 4. Burn the DVD. http://forums.support.roxio.com/index.php?...st&p=160945
  3. That worked thanks again.
  4. I will give that a try, Thanks
  5. I un-installed version 9 and then installed version 10. The reinstalled version 10 again. I installed version 9 but now I get a certificate file is missing. I think things a hosed up now due to the uninstall and reinstall. I have XP media center. Is there a tool that will clean the 9 and 10 out so I can reinstall?
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    Videowave Effects

    Thanks for the help that will do it.
  7. 8vern

    Videowave Effects

    Using Video effects that are added to a slide show do not work. Like the one called blobs. Any ideas? My buddys Roxio 10 does the same thing.