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    Label Creator Print Size

    I had the same problem and have posted about it. As far as I know, no one has answered me yet. I have an HP printer as well, and both height and width get bigger on the printed page.
  2. rickchicorli@shaw.ca

    Labels Print Too Big.

    Update on the problem, with more information. It happens every time. I chose double-sided sleeve. I think a CD insert is around 4.75 H x 4.75 W inches. When I print on my HP psc 1350 printer, the label prints at about 5.75 H x 4.875 W inches. This is totally frustrating me. If nobody knows the solution in this forum, I guess I should try customer service? I haven't tried that yet, since this forum has given me all the answers to any questions I have had so far.
  3. rickchicorli@shaw.ca

    I'm Getting That Stupid "installing Dao" Problem.

    I have an Athlon 2600 chip. 768 MB RAM. While rendering I see that my CPU time is 100% and not all of my memory is used. To create a DVD of 3 42 - 44 minute AVI files takes about 10 hours at best fit. No menus. No nothin'!!! I won't be upgrading hardware now from what I understand, to go to something like an Athlon 64 I need a new motherboard, etc. So I'll just wait to upgrade. I tend to burn DVDs overnight or when I go to work. Nothing else running. Hard drive was reformatted less than 3 weeks ago.
  4. rickchicorli@shaw.ca

    Labels Print Too Big.

    Does anyone out there know anything about this? This is a serious problem for me.
  5. rickchicorli@shaw.ca

    I'm Getting That Stupid "installing Dao" Problem.

    Thanks. I no longer have the DAO problem. It was installed as part of my ATI All-In-Wonder install. I'll see if anything happens there. I like the chapter setting for videos in MyDVD. Now that I've tried that I will continue to use it. I was previously not putting any chapters in. Now my biggest complaint is the rendering speed. Other products I used before (PowerProducer2) went wayyyyyyyyy faster.
  6. rickchicorli@shaw.ca

    I'm Getting That Stupid "installing Dao" Problem.

    Thanks. I tried the search again and found matches. I'm not normally this stupid you know. I guess I'm still getting used to this new style forum. I'll try fixing my problem now.
  7. I clicked on "Edit Video" under "DVD & Video" today and kept getting windows trying to install DAO. I saw this topic on the old boards but searching for just DAO doesn't work. (The search is really dumb on this new board.) I kind of recall perhaps some sort of registry solution. I ask the mighty list members for help. You guys seem to know almost all. And I thank you.
  8. rickchicorli@shaw.ca

    How Can I Tell That The Update Worked?

    Thanks. It worked. I was getting confused because I went to Help About in the Creator 8 Suite Home and saw a lot of versions "3"s floating about.
  9. This might be a very easy question, so I hope to get an answer. I downloaded the update patch (EMC80_805_Update) and ran it. How can I tell I am running the updated version? I started with the retail copy of Creator 8.
  10. rickchicorli@shaw.ca

    Labels Print Too Big.

    I saw a discussion about this on the old message board but it appears to be gone now. I create a label (for a CD) in Creator 8 and it looks fine on the screen. When I print it expands to be too large for the CD case. Someone previously mentioned an HP printer connection to this problem, and I have an HP printer. Any thoughts?