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    My DVD LE

    It's called Sonic DigitalMedia LE v7 The instructions say to use a blank disc or a DLA formatted disc. When you start it asks if you want to format the disc. I haven't noticed if it will let me not format it. Next you drag the pictures onto it . Last step says: Click Make Compatible to share disc with your friends. Right now I'm just copying pictures to share and to save but I do want to burn some of my videos.
  2. bkap

    My DVD LE

    I have Sonic program that came with my Dell. I believe it was in 2005. When copying pictures to a DVD you first format the disc, then drag the pictures to copy, then when finished you click on "make compatible". The explanation for that is to make the disc readable by other equipment.
  3. bkap

    My DVD LE

    My computer goes to a blue screen with an error notice once I try to "make compatible" my DVD. It burns my pictures just fine before hand. I really need help. Ready to throw the whole thing out the window
  4. bkap

    My DVD LE

    I am able to burn lots of pictures onto a DVD. AFterwards you are suppsed to "make compatible" so that other computers can read the DVD. That's when my computer goes to a blue screen and says that an error has occurred. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?